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GO Dev Team Enters The Android Web Browser Arena With Next Browser

Even if you aren’t much of an Android fan, you might still have heard the name GO, which has long been rocking the Android ecosystem. No, it’s not a phone or a tablet, nor a pair of stylish headphones. In the Android world, the name GO is associated with a feature-laden launcher, a beautiful weather app, an exceptionally great SMS app, and loads of other great tools that are created by the super-talented GO Dev Team. Keeping their tradition, the folks behind the ever-popular GO Launcher have released a fascinating new app called Next Browser for Android. If you’re wondering why’d you need yet another browser when the likes of Opera, Chrome and Dolphin are already available for the platform, then we must tell you that Next Browser has what it takes to be in the same league as these names, packing in a plethora of features such as speed dial, an awesome Next View feature to find and explore interesting content, voice search, browser extensions support, bookmarks synchronization and more.

Although Next Browser won’t trounce the competition when it come to looks and functionality, everything that’s there works really well. Page rendering is fluid, tabs work well, speed dial provides instant access to your favorite sites, and the extensions support expand Next Browser’s functionality a few notches further. The app’s interface also looks pretty cool, while at the same time being fairly simple. When launched, you land on the speed dial screen, where you will find links to some popular websites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Yahoo, CNN, Amazon and Pinterest by default, though you can always replace them with your own favorite or frequently visited websites. The tabs also works great, allowing you to quickly add new ones for browsing multiple sites in conjunction. Existing tabs can be closed by swiping them down in the tabs view.

Next Browser_Speed Dial Next Browser_Tabs

The Next View feature that can be accessed straight from the home screen by swiping to the right. It presents you with popular stories from the internet related to technology, business, sports, travel, entertainment etc. This comes pretty handy for quickly going through some of the latest headlines and stories from all genres during your morning walk. Coming to extensions, Next Browser doesn’t have incredible third-party extension support at the moment, but considering it’s a fresh release, that’s perfectly understandable. The only available extensions as of this writing are Evernote Clipper and Pocket, both of which can be grabbed straight from the Google Play Store. The vertical extensions bar can be opened via swiping from the right edge of the screen, making them quickly accessible throughout the browser.

Next Browser_Next View Next Browser_Extensions

The app also lets you store, import and synchronize your bookmarks. The feature syncs your entire bookmarks list across multiple devices that have the same account configured, based on your email address. The voice search option can be enabled by pressing the hardware or on-screen search key while in the browser, and works great at searching any type of content online without having to type anything.

The app also keeps a history of your browsing data, though we couldn’t find any private session or incognito mode in there, which is quite disappointing since almost all major mobile web browser contain this option these days. The Preferences screen lets you configure some generic settings related to the app such as default search engine (Google, Yahoo, Bing), user agent, display options and some other tidbits.

Next Browser_Menu Next Browser_Preferences

Next Browser is available at Google Play Store and can be download for free via the link provided below.

Install Next Browser from Play Store


  1. For me, and for the time being, Next Browser is the best to date. Lighter and faster than Chrome that I had previously selected as the best. Hope the devs will keep on the good job 😉

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