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GO SMS Pro For Android Gets Facelift, Cloud Message Management & More

GO SMS Pro, the crowd-favorite and feature-filled alternative messaging Android app, has just received a massive update in the Google Play Store, which introduces us to a brand new UI and several handy features that you won’t want to miss out in a hurry. Currently standing at v4.60, the app gets a huge facelift, courtesy of a well-polished and crispier main interface, message bubbles, as well as notification style that help it get closer to Holo-style visual goodness. Also included within the package are several nifty free and premium features, including protection of your GO SMS Private Box via gesture lock and ability to hide the feature’s access icon, enhanced GO Chat experience, improved Facebook Friends sync and recognition via avatars, schedule-based local settings backup, native support for management of SMS backup files stored on cloud, and last but not the least, extensive cloud-based GO SMS messages, chat and backup management support through an interactive web app. Details on all the features to follow after the break.


The local SMS backup support seems to have been taken away from the free version, and is now available as one of the Premium features. The option to restore SMS backups (from cloud or locally stored threads) and management of SMS backup files on cloud is still available in the free variant; however, the only way for free users to backup their messages is by resorting to the GO SMS cloud. For this, you must own a valid GO Chat ID, which can be registered for right from within the app for free. Each new account is allotted a maximum storage capacity of 1000 messages that can be extended further through in-app purchasing.


To remotely manage your cloud messages and avail the Go Chat & SMS services through the web app, visit ‘ webchat.goforandroid.com ‘ on your desktop browser. Once logged in, you can use the web platform to send/receive SMS messages, initiate a GO Chat session with your friends, manage your chat groups and online SMS backups, download compete message threads shared with individual users, and access your GO SMS Backup contacts, private box, favorites, filter folders and custom folders.


All aforementioned Premium features can be found under the Premium tab on the app’s Application Center screen. As ever, purchasing the Premium pack grants you access to all the paid features – Private Box Pro, FB Sync, Local Backup & Restore, Screenshot Pro & Find Phone – for 180 days, after which you’ll have to renew your subscription to continue using these services.

Download GO SMS Pro (v4.60) For Android

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