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GO TouchHelper Is A Gorgeous Quick-Access Add-on For GO Launcher EX

Seldom does one come across an app so beautiful that you just want to keep staring at its UI, even if you have no use for it whatsoever. And needless to say, it’s even better when the app is useful and intuitive as well. The name of GO Dev Team is familiar to most Android users, and the guys have done it again! While the name GO TouchHelper may sound a bit misleading at first – I thought it was a touch calibration tool – you will see that it serves an entirely different purpose. According to the GO Launcher Dev Team, it’s a tool built to “Mix core features into all-in-one app”, and not only does it hold true to that purpose, but also does so while looking amazing! Acting like a dropdown menu containing frequently accessed settings and shortcuts, the app is a simple ‘two-finger downward swipe’ gesture away when using GO Launcher EX. So what exactly does it have to offer? Let’s find out!

Before you begin, you will need to have GO Launcher EX v3.29 or above installed for the app to work. Once the app is installed, you can access it from any GO Launcher home screen with a two-finger downward swipe anywhere below the status bar and above the dock. You may think for a moment that the app will be replicating Android’s notification drawer, but that is not the its purpose – well, not for now at least. Instead, it provides you with what you can consider an entirely different, beautifully crafted mini-launcher within the launcher.

Go TouchHelper 01 Go TouchHelper 05

The core features you have access to include Clock & Weather, Calendar, Phone, Messages, Settings and Home, all presented beautifully in rows with different vibrantly colored icons. These features provide you with relevant information and shortcuts; you can view your calendar appointments, quickly call contacts, access your text messages, toggle frequently accessed settings and launch your favorite apps. Not only are these rows scrollable, but swiping the core icons to the right brings up some nifty options. For example, you can add your favorite contacts, compose a message, add a calendar event and more.

Go TouchHelper 08 Go TouchHelper 10

The app also lets you choose quick toggles to be made available in the main interface, and change their order to your choice, and same goes for your favorite apps. Lastly, tapping on any row’s main icon takes you to the relevant app or in case of Settings, shows you all available toggles to quickly change a plethora of device settings.

Having this app accessible throughout the OS using some edge gesture would have definitely given it a much larger appeal. Though even in its current forms, it packs enough of a punch to make many heads turn. And did we say it was simply gorgeous? Kudos to the developers for the concept and the aesthetics!

Download GO TouchHelper For Android

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  1. I’m just looking for a standard launcher doing that and with that style of UI…. does anybody know if there is something similar in the market?

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