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Google+ For Android Gets Visual Refresh, New Menu, Photo Downloads & More

Google seems quite determined to make Google+ one of the the best social networks out there. Just recently, the web interface of the fast-flourishing network got a massive overhaul, with my personal favorite feature “What’s Hot” being added to the mix, too. Just a few days back, the official iOS client of Google+ also received a major update that brought with it plenty of exciting goodies. To the utmost delight of Android users, the same changes have now been implemented in the Android variant of the service.

Google-Plus-Update-May-25-Home Google-Plus-Update-May-25-Whats-Hot

Among the most notable enhancements is the totally revamped Stream interface that gets visual refresh, meaning that all the posts are now presented on larger tiles, with the embedded photo being used as the background of each individual tile. The hottest posts on the network are represented by a tiny fire icon that sits at the top-right side of the corresponding post.

Google-Plus-Update-May-25-Menu Google-Plus-Update-May-25-Suggestions

The dashboard interface is now a part of history, as the update brings a brand new ribbon that pops out in the from of a left-pane as soon as you hit the button in the top-left side of the app’s homescreen. The ribbon provides quick access to all the core features of Google+, including Stream, Profile, Messenger, Hangout, Photos, Circles and Notifications.

As evident from the above, you can now easily initiate a Hangout right from within the app’s main menu instead of sifting through various screens, as was the case with the older versions. What’s even better is that you can now also receive ringing notification for a Hangout, much akin to incoming calls.

Google-Plus-Update-May-25-Download-Image Google-Plus-Update-May-25-Edit

Images can now be downloaded directly from within posts as well as from the Photos screen. Once you’re on the Messenger screen, you can get suggestions about people that you ‘may know’. To start a group conversation, all you need to do is tap the avatar of the required participants, and you’re good to go. Another handy feature in the updated app is that it lets you edit posts inline, meaning that you can now edit your previous posts right from within the app.

If you haven’t yet received the update on your Android device, or want to take the new-look Google+ mobile app out for a spin, hit the download link provided below.

Download Google+ for Android


  1. I still cant believe people like this new update. Functionally good, but the stream is now almost totally unreadable. Distorted images, text over the images.

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