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Google Camera v2.2 Update Brings Timer, Panorama Modes, And Aspect Ratio

Google Camera has received yet another update. The last major update brought us the amazing blur effect and this latest update brings us three new features, making the app more powerful. The timer has returned with this latest update allowing users to delay picture taking by 3 or 10 seconds. Aspect ratios have been introduced and a separate ratio can be set for both the front and the back camera. The major update though is the introduction of two new panorama modes that let you take a circular fish-eye like photo and a wide angle mode.



The timer is an old feature resurrected with this update. It isn’t available if the HDR+ image capture mode is enabled. Tap the stopwatch once to enable a 3 second timer and a second time for a 10 second timer. You can set a timer for both the front and the rear cameras. The timer intervals are not customizable.

no timer timer


Panorama Modes

Two new panorama modes are a fish eye and wide angle mode and I must admit one is easier to mange than the other. Capturing a picture in wide angle mode is as simple as capturing a normal panorama but the fish eye needs time, patience and quite the flexible wrist to capture all those spots. Pictured below, the left image shows the fish eye mode and the right one shows the wide angle mode.

fish eye panorama


Aspect Ratios

To set an aspect ratio for your images, go to the app’s settings, under Resolution and Quality tap Camera. Aspect ratio for the back and front camera are independent of each other. The two aspect ratios available are 4:3 and 16:9 withdifferent camera resolutions. The front camera has the same ratios available but with fewer resolution options to choose from. Panorama resolutions are independent of the aspect ration selected for normal pictures.

aspect ratio ratio


The update is still being rolled out so if the Google Play Store app tells you Google Camera is up to date but you don’t see these new features, give it a few days for the update to become available for your device.

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