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Google+ For Android Gets Another Facelift, Google Events Integration, Tablet Support & More

As if the news of the announcement of the latest iteration of Google’s mobile OS, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, alone wasn’t enough for Android users to digest, we’ve been presented with several completely revamped Google apps in the Play Store; the most noticeable of which, undoubtedly, remains the Android variant of Google+. The app has received yet another tremendous facelift that puts the previously introduced visual refresh to shame. The latest layout is very much reminiscent of a digital magazine, with your G+ Stream becoming much more vivid, and posts being displayed as a stack of cards. Though, that’s just the tip of the ice berg. The latest update also sees Google+ emerge as a fully tablet-optimized app that enlivens the entire screen real-estate of your Android tablet (and soon, your iPad) with the same visually rich content. The app has also been updated with the newly-announced Google Events support, meaning that you can switch to a new Party Mode during an event, and share all photos and moments with your buddies in real-time, right from your Android device. Other additions and improvements include improved Hangout experience, instant thought (status message), image and location sharing options, revamped comments view and lots more.

Google -Android-Update-Jun-27-HomeGoogle -Android-Update-Jun-27-Pane

All the core Google+ features can be found listed on the left pane of the app. Both on smartphone as well as tablet, said pane can be revealed by hitting the G+ button in the top-left. New changes noticeable within the pane content include your recent notifications, and more importantly, the (Google) Events button, taping which lets you create a new event or join an existing one. As with the Google Events feature itself, images relevant to a specific event also remain accessible on your Android under their respective title even after the party is over.

Google -Android-Update-Jun-27-PostGoogle -Android-Update-Jun-27-Event

All aforementioned changes aside, you can’t take your eyes off the latest visual refresh for the posts that are constitute your G+ stream. This holds especially true in case of tablets where all the posts are displayed as individual cards on a virtually endless, scrollable interface, with each post’s card size varying as per the orientation of the embedded photo. The avatar of the user is displayed as a circular tab, tapping which reveals all the posts shared by them. Commenting and sharing your +1s on posts have been made even easier with buttons for both said options being offered right on the post’s thumbnail view. While viewing a specific post, all you need to do to sift through the comments is swipe the circular tab upwards.

Google -Android-Update-Jun-27-Tablet

All in all, it accounts for a pretty impressive update that certainly takes your Google+ experience on Android to a new level. So if you don’t quite ‘like’ your existing social network, this is perhaps the ideal time to make a switch once and for all. Hit the link provided below to get the latest Google+ Android app.

Download Google+ for Android

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