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GuidePal City Guides Come To Android; Helps Visitors Feel Like Locals

Android and iOS users have plenty of quality options at their disposal when considering availing a helpful travel-companion app. While apps like Unlike City Guides vow to help you get familiarized with the best points of interest of some of the most toured cities of the world, those akin to CNNGo provide you with ample insight into a city via travel-based reports submitted by avid travellers from all across the world. In short, the core purpose of all such apps is to offer travel lovers plenty of informative and interactive content to benefit from. However, when talking about a comprehensive travel guide that encompasses almost all the top-visited places of the Earth, GuidePal City Guides certainly seems miles ahead of the competition. With a combined aggregate of over 4 million downloads (and counting) across app stores of all renowned mobile platforms, this awe-inspiring, free app must be doing something right to keep its users captivated through its highly intuitive and readily-available tour guide. If you’re an Android user, you don’t have to die wondering about the specialty of the app, as you can now lay hands on it right on your own device. Besides sporting a gorgeously designed Holo-themed UI, the app impresses with a number of amazing features that we shall explore after the break.

GuidePal-City-Guides-Android- GuidePal-City-Guides-Android-Cities

Boasting in-depth details, interactive maps, catchy images, exciting augmented reality views, offline map views, local entertainment & travel facilities, sightseeing, built-in phrasebook for learning commonly used phrases in local language, and other sought-after travel-oriented information of some of the most frequently visited cities of all the continents of the world, GuidePal City Guides is certainly worth all the praise that it has been getting so far from iOS and other mobile users. Now it’s time for Android users to dive deep into the visually attractive and highly informative content that the app has on offer. From London to Las Vegas, and Moscow to Montreal, you’re going to find thorough travel-based information about some of the busiest cities of the world.

GuidePal-City-Guides-Android-City1 GuidePal-City-Guides-Android-Map

In order to access the app’s complete set of features, you’re required to log in with a GuidePal account. First time users have the option to sign up for a new account using their email or Facebook ID. Once logged in, you can start exploring any city of interest from the continent of your liking. Along with checking out high quality images of your favorite cities, you can benefit from plenty of interesting information about them. Anything that you want to find about the place, like its brief intro, history, quick facts, useful tips, places of interest, airports, restaurants & hotels, transportation facilities, bars & nightlife, shopping facilities, or popular places to see while on tour, GuidePal is at your service. Again, it’s the neatly designed layout of the app that makes navigating to its various segments a breeze.

GuidePal-City-Guides-Android-Facts GuidePal-City-Guides-Android-Info GuidePal-City-Guides-Android-Sights

As mentioned earlier, for almost every listed place, you’re presented with adequate helpful material, such as contact details, websites, email addresses, working hours, ticket prices, map address and, the best of the lot, a content-intensive word of advise regarding each different place. To save yourself a precious few megabytes of cellular data, you may download the entire map of whatever city you like while connected to Wi-Fi, and then explore it on the move. Apart from help you with navigation, the map also displays all supported points of interest via various color-coded placemarkers. Provided you’re currently visiting one of the listed cities, you can instantly switch to the augmented reality view to enjoy breathtaking sights near you in a completely refreshing way.

Contemplating visiting only specific places en route to your favorite city? The app lets you bookmark all such places of interest with a mere tap. In addition, you can track a particular place on map, or share it with your buddies, right from the information screen.

GuidePal-City-Guides-Android-Transportation GuidePal-City-Guides-Android-Language GuidePal-City-Guides-Android-AR

The app’s list of locations already includes most of the elite cities of the world; however, new places are being added to the mix on frequent basis to help make GuidePal City Guides one of the most comprehensive smartphone travel guides of its kind. There is no denying the fact that the app can still improve on various fronts; the most important of which would be the addition of tracing map direction to your preferred locations, 360 degrees virtual tours, TTS support for local language, crowd-sourced traveler reviews and (if I may take the liberty of taking a few long yards) a touch of travel itinerary management.

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