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Turn to hangup: Silence Or Reject Calls By Simply Flipping Your iPhone

Android and Windows Phone devices manufactured by HTC have got the rather unique feature of being able to handle incoming calls via gestures. We covered Attentive Phone for WP7 a while back, which allowed HTC users to respond to a call without having to look at their phone’s screen. It is a bit surprising that no one thought of porting this nifty feature to iPhone until now, as Cydia developers are usually quick to bring such useful little functionalities to iOS. Fortunately, there is now finally a way to disconnect or silence incoming calls by simply changing your iPhone’s position. The new tweak named Turn to hangup serves two purposes. You can just flip your phone to reject a call, or there is the option to shake your device when there is an incoming call, and it will be silenced.

Turn to hangup Cydia Turn to hangup Settings

After the tweak has been installed on your iPhone, it will add a new menu to the stock Settings app. There is just one option inside the tweak’s menu, and that is there to let users enable or disable the Turn to hangup tweak. By default, the tweak is enabled, and you don’t even have to open its menu to make use of the functionality offered by Turn to hangup. To see if everything is working properly, just flip your phone the next time you receive a call you don not want to pick up. Although the tweak’s description states that you have to place the phone’s screen against a flat surface in order for the call to be rejected, we discovered while testing that just flipping and placing your device just about anywhere (even against your hand) will make the tweak work its magic.

The other feature of Turn to hangup, silencing of calls without rejecting them, did not work for us, although we tried everything. According to the tweak’s description, you just have to shake your iPhone in order to silence the ringing sound or vibration of an incoming call (just the way you can by hitting the Power button once), but the ringer kept blaring despite all our shakes. Having said that, we can’t say if this issue plagues the tweak in general, or was there just on our iPhone.

Both the features offered by Turn to hangup are available in iOS by default, but this tweak just makes sure that you can have full control over incoming calls without having to do too much. Turn to hangup is available as a free download in the BigBoss repo of the Cydia store, and takes no more than 58kB when installed on an iDevice.

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