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Hashtagger: Search Hashtags On Facebook, Twitter & Google Plus

Twitter is what made hashtags matter and as far as finding any relevant, consolidated information on an event is concerned, Twitter is still in the lead. Of course, following the success of hashtags and subsequently of Twitter Trends, Facebook and Google Plus decided they were worth having around. We can’t say that hashtags have been just as successful on these two networks but people do use them. Hashtagger is an Android app that lets you search hashtags on the three major social networks; Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus. You can view trending hashtags and save your searches.

By default,  Twitter and Google Plus searches are enabled and each has its own tab on the app’s home screen but you will have to enable Facebook if you want to include it in the search. Open the app’s settings from the more button and select Facebook. You will have to sign in to each social network from its respective tab. After that, use the search bar and type in what you want to search for.

enable facebook search


The results for each network are displayed in their respective tabs so you don’t end up with a list that’s a mix of tweets, and posts. You can save the searches you make. Tap the more button after you’ve made a search and it will have the option to save it. To view saved searches, or to view trending hashtags, open the navigation drawer. It’s divided into to tabs; one for trends and one for saved searches. You can view topics trending near you or topics trending worldwide from the dropdown option at the top of the trending topics in the navigation drawer.

save search trends

That’s all there is to the app. It’s new and fairly basic though but if you’re planning on following an important world event like the FIFA World Cup using social media, this app might prove pretty useful.

So what’s missing or what could make this app better? I’d say filters. Search results don’t really filter our profiles, and tweets or posts so you get them all jumbled up in one tab. There should be a way to weed out profiles and pages from the results. The search results can be refreshed by pulling down and releasing a tab page. For Google Plus and Facebook, where hashtags are less frequently used, only recent results are shown. To view older posts, you tap a button. It’s pretty smart considering anyone searching hashtags related to a current event will only want the most recent news.

Install Hastagger From The Google Play Store

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