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Horizon Will Never Let You Record Another Vertical Video Again [Android]

Vertical videos are the bane of our time. As much as we all hate them when we click play, we don’t really remember to turn our device on its side so we can record a proper horizontal video. Google Camera came up with a solution to that with one of its earlier versions where the app doesn’t record unless it detects your device is held correctly and I think that was genius. It’s something Apple should consider brining to iOS. Horizon is an Android app that takes the fight against vertical videos one step further and lets you hold you device any way you want while it continues recording in the correct landscape mode. The free version of the app lets you record for fifteen seconds and an upgrade worth $0.99 will let you record without any time restrictions. With the free version, you also get a watermark at the bottom right of your video and promotional animation for Horizon at the end.

Launch the app and start recording. You need only understand one thing and that is the app’s three recording modes. The Flex recording mode will change the the size of the frame as you turn your device so that the image fills the screen. The Rotate mode has a fixed frame size and simply records in landscape regardless of how you’re holding your device. The Locked mode locks orientation to however the device is held. The app’s settings let you adjust the camera resolution, the video quality and the default mode of the app.

Horizon modes  Horizon settings

Start recording and feel free to move the device as you focus your object (if you have selected the Flex mode). The view finder on your screen will rotate to show you what angle it’s currently recording at to capture the video. The app also supports flash for video recording allowing you to keep the flash on throughout the recording. This will impact battery life though. Lastly, the app also works with the front camera on your device.

Horizon record

The only downside to the app is the time limit and the watermark but a developer needs his coffee and Horizon is made with exceptionally good intent so I’d say it’s worth it to upgrade. My only question is, why can’t all apps do this? Why can’t we have nice things?

Install Horizon From The Google Play Store

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