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How To Access The Built-In File Manager In Android 6.0

A few years ago, Android used to come with an app that made it possible for users to browse files stored on their device. Whether it was the internal memory or a memory card you wanted to access files on, the app let you do it. It was basic but unfortunately it soon disappeared. Users have since used file browsers that are available on the Google Play store but as of Android 6.0 Marshmallow, there is once again a default file browser available on the system. Accessing it is a bit tricky though because it’s not a stand alone app as you would expect it to be. Here’s how you can access it.

Go to the Settings app and scroll down to the Storage & USB section. Tap it and scroll to the very bottom of the Internal Storage screen where you will see an ‘Explore’ option. Tap it and you’re in.

android 6 - settings android 6 - settings1

The file explorer is incredibly basic; it makes navigation between folders fairly easy, has a search feature, and you can view the folders and files in a grid or list layout. You can also sort files by name, size, and date modified.

android 6 - file-explorer android 6 - file-explorer1

To delete, share, or move a file/folder, tap and hold to select it. The share and delete options will appear in the action bar. The folder icons are not impressive. The photos appear with small thumbnail previews. The UI is almost sad in terms of the theme and the interface. That said, having a native file explorer is great.

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