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How To Add Voice-Over While Drawing On Your Android Device

Drawing apps aren’t something we cover very often but with Clarisketch, I couldn’t help myself. It isn’t the next big thing in drawing apps as far as creating stunning art on your Android device is concerned (though that is subjective to the skill of the artist). It is a drawing app that lets you record a voice-over as you draw. Given you have a device with a large enough screen, you can create drawing tutorials on the device. If you aren’t into drawing, you can take a picture from your camera roll and draw over it, while still recording a voice-over. The brush size, opacity, and color can be customized but it seems color selection is restricted at the moment.

Launch the app and select if you want to draw a fresh sketch, draw over an image imported from your device, or take a new photo and draw on it. Tap the pen button next to the to select the weight, opacity and color of the brush and begin drawing. There’s also a roller brush tool that you can use to draw. The app records automatically as you draw but you can pause it, save the recording, and resume it later any time. You have zoom and erase tools at the bottom of the screen. Just tap the record button when you’re finished.

When you erase a line with the erase tool, the app doesn’t just erase the part that you drag you finger over. It erases the entire stroke you made. I wouldn’t say this is a bad feature but there should be conventional eraser too that only erases what our fingers tell it to.


Clarisketch brushes Clarisketch record

The sketch is saved to your device and can be shared to the Clarisketch website. You can resume recording or, if you recorded in a noisy room, you can adjust the ambient noise. During recording, you can tap the mic to mute it and come away with just a video of how your drawing was made.

Clarisketch save Clarisketch photo

Video quality is pretty good but the videos can’t be accessed from the Gallery app which means you’ll need to use a file explorer app if you want to use the videos outside of Clarisketch. This isn’t a big deal because most people will have a file explorer app on their device. I would welcome more colors to draw with and maybe the ability to share my video to Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Install Clarisketch From The Google Play Store

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