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How to Change Voicemail on Android in Simple and Quick Steps

If you’re wondering how to change voicemail on Android, then you’ll be surprised to know that the steps are ridiculously simple. It’s just that the user interface design of Android operating systems makes it hard to locate the steps. 

Not to worry anymore! You’ve come to the right place. Read on to know the quick and easy steps to change voicemail on Android smartphones.

How to Change Voicemail on Android in Simple and Quick Steps

What Is Voicemail on Android?

Voicemail helps a cell phone user to receive and send voice messages. When you’re not available to pick up the incoming call, the voicemail system activates itself, greets the caller, and instructs how they can reach you. Callers can also leave voice messages in your absence. 

Now, the voicemail answering system shouldn’t be just a default machine-generated voice offered by the mobile service provider. You can personalize the message by recording your own greeting and instructions.

It helps you to engage with your callers professionally or casually, whichever you want.   

How to Record a Voicemail on Android

To customize the voicemail greetings message, first, you need to know how to record one on your Android phone. Here are the instructions that you can try:

  • Dial the accessing number of your voicemail shared by the service provider. 
  • You can also long-press number 1 on the dial pad to access the voicemail.
  • If you’ve already set up a password for your voicemail, enter the secret code now.
  • To access the voicemail account settings, tap number 4 on the dial pad.
  • You should now be in Your Name and Greetings options.
  • Tap the dial icon and then choose number 1 on the dial pad to start recording the voicemail greeting.
  • On the Set your outgoing message screen, you can choose between Default and Custom greeting messages.
  • You can now choose the custom greetings option to record a new welcome message for your voicemail.
  • The interactive voice response (IVR) system will sound the specific instructions or tones.
  • You can now speak to record a message and touch the # key on the dial pad to save it.

Depending on the mobile service provider, some steps may change. No need to worry, since most voicemail options come with IVR. It helps you to make the changes you want.     

How to Change Voicemail on Android

Once you’ve recorded a custom welcome message, you can change that anytime. Here’s how:

  • Run the phone app on your Android device and long press number 1 to access voicemail.
  • Type in the secret code of your voicemail account and touch the # button on the dial pad.
  • Press * to access the voicemail settings menu.
  • To change voicemail on Android, tap number 1 on the dial pad again.
  • In the next section, you can touch number 2 on the dial pad to set a welcome message with your mobile number.
  • Alternatively, press the number 1 to set a greeting that contains your name. 

Final Words

So far, you’ve discovered some intuitive and easy steps for manipulating the voicemail service on your Android smartphone for your mobile plan.

You can now try the same steps on your device to change the voicemail message of your account. We’re hopeful that you’ve got an easy-to-follow answer to your query, “how to change voicemail on Android?” 

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