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How To Configure Do Not Disturb Rules In Android 6.0

Android 5.0 introduced Do Not Disturb; a feature that allowed you to silent all notifications on your phone for a specific time on certain days. The feature at the time was called Interruptions. As of Android 6.0, it has been renamed to Do Not Disturb and it now comes with configurable rules. The rules allow you to create multiple scenarios that will trigger Do Not Disturb. These rules may be based on time, or an event in your calendar. The feature is very basic but exceptionally useful nonetheless. Here’s how you can create rules for the Do Not Disturb feature in Android 6.0.

To create a rule for Do Not Disturb, go to the Settings app and under Sound & notifications, tap Do not disturb. On the Do not disturb screen, tap ‘Automatic rules’. You will see the pre-configured rules listed there. The rules let you configure a separate time for Do not disturb to turn on during the weekends and the weekdays, or during an event.¬†When turning Do not disturb on for an event, you can select which calender’s events it should turn on for.

If the pre-configured rules do not meet your needs you can create your own rules. Tap Add Rule to create a custom rule; name it, and choose whether it will be triggered at a certain date & time, or during an event.

android-6-DND android-6-DND-add

For rules based on an event, you can specify which calendar’s events should trigger Do not distrub. It doesn’t let you choose a specific event from the selected calendar as a trigger which is very disappointing. The rules based on time let you set any day and time slot for triggering Do not disturb. You can turn these rules on or off at your own discretion.

android-6-DND-rule-event android-6-DND-rules

Rules for Do not disturb are definitely useful but they could have allowed more flexibility. Perhaps an app will come along to help leverage this.

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