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How To Disable Notifications For Recommended Videos From YouTube [Android]

YouTube for Android has received an update and of all the features that might have been implemented in the new version of the app, notifications for recommended videos is one of them. The update has brought some great features with it like an in-app editing tool but this new type of notification is going to get your attention before anything else. The new notifications do not appear when you open the YouTube. They appear like any other notification would in the Android Notification area. It’s just another way the app will distract you with videos that are trending and match your previous viewing preferences. Fortunately, the YouTube app has a way of shutting them off. Here’s how.

Open the YouTube app and go to the app’s settings by tapping the more button at the top right. Tap ‘Privacy’ on the Settings screen and under ‘Mobile Notifications’ turn off the ‘Recommended videos’ notification.

youtube-settings youtube-recommended-alerts

If you’re looking to turn off any other type of notification, the app is rich in options. You can turn off alerts for new content uploaded by channels you’ve subscribed to, new activity on your own channel, and replies to any comments you have left on a YouTube video.

If you own an iOS device, no such update has rolled out to the App Store and it’s just Android users who will be receiving these new and admittedly unnecessary alerts. It’s probable that an update for iOS will come out soon that adds the new feature. Hopefully it too will have an off button.

via Lifehacker

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