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How To Get Samsung S View Feature On Any Android Phone

Samsung’s S View reminded me of the good old days when flip phones were all the rage with their much-needed preview screens, and hanging up on someone was so satisfying. If you’re not sure what the S View is, it’s simply a smart flip cover for the Galaxy S4, but with a small window cut out, letting the device display important information in that part of the screen. However, the S View is available just for the Samsung’s latest flagship devices, and those of you wondering if you can get the same functionality on another device with or without the actual S View cover, the answer is a loud yes! S View works magnetically, but thanks to S View – HatRoid, that same functionality can now been achieved using the proximity sensor. This means a cheap, regular flip cover for your Android device with windows cut out in it can now be made to mimic Samsung S View’s features. More on the app and its usage right after the break.

S View - Hatroid 03 S View - Hatroid 05

Using the app is a breeze, with a few settings to play around with, and customize your experience. The information panel can be moved around on the screen to match the location of the flip cover and the window cut out in it. To adjust the placement of the information displayed, simply tap on any part of it in the app and once it’s highlighted, use the direction buttons to move it around. When satisfied with the results, hit the save button.

S View - Hatroid 06 S View - Hatroid 04

Aspects of the layout such as the clock size and color, along with date size and color can also be customized by purchasing the Pro (paid) version of the app. The Pro version also allows you to disable the S View logo.

You can set a custom delay time for the information panel to pop up on the screen. This ensures that the app is not triggered by accident, given the sensitivity of the proximity sensor. Users can also set the app to wake the screen up when the flip cover is opened, in order to truly mimic the S View cover itself. As implemented in the Galaxy S4 and the Galaxy Note 3, an S View-like caller ID can also be enabled, so you can accept or reject incoming calls with the flip cover closed.

So, if you want the features of the S View cover without having to buy one of Samsung’s latest devices, go ahead and grab S View – HatRoid from Google Play via the links provided below.

Install S View – HatRoid from Play Store (Free)

Install S View – HatRoid Pro from Play Store (Paid)

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