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How To Install HTC Sense 5 ROM On DROID DNA [Guide]

Running Sense 5 UI on the HTC Droid DNA is something not many users would’ve been expecting, or at least not this quickly. Having been ported from HTC One, this Sense 5 ROM is proof that third-party development for the DROID DNA has started to pick up pace. Sense 5 made its debut with the HTC ONE and offers a fresh redesigned interface to the UI that most HTC users are familiar with. A fancy but slightly complicated app drawer, HTC BlinkFeed and HTC Zoe are some of the key new features of Sense 5, with a focus on minimalism and content this time rather than on heavy graphics – a design philosophy pioneered by Metro design language of Windows Phone OS. The port comes in from XDA Recognized Developer newtoroot in the form of a functional ROM. Installing it on your DROID DNA is a breeze, especially if the bootloader of your device is already unlocked. If not, don’t fret as I will walk you through the procedure step-by-step to get this Sense 5 based ROM up and running on your DROID DNA!

HTC Sense 5 on Droid DNA

HTC Zoe found in the HTC One will not be working in this ROM. Other than that, it’s good to go as a daily driver.

Disclaimer: Please follow this guide at your own risk. AddictiveTips will not be liable if your device gets damaged or bricked during the process.



  1. To begin, download the ROM and patch from the links above and copy both files to the root of the phone’s SD card.
  2. The phone needs to be rebooted into recovery mode. To do so, first power it off and then power it on while holding down the ‘Volume Down’ key to boot it into bootloader (fastboot) mode.
  3. Enter Recovery mode using the Volume keys to navigate and the ‘Power’ button to select.
  4. Make a backup from ‘backup and restore’.
  5. Perform a wipe data/factory reset, followed by wiping cache, and then wiping dalvik cache from the advanced menu.
  6. Next, select to install zip from sdcard, then choose zip from sdcard by selecting the ROM’s zip file you copied to the phone earlier.
  7. After installing the ROM, do the same for the Patch file.
  8. Once done, simply reboot the device.

That is it! Allow the phone to reboot and after you’re done with the initial setup process, allow the phone to settle for a few minutes. For updates and queries, head over to the XDA forum thread linked below.

[via XDA-Developers]


  1. i am trying to install this on the HTC Butterfly. What do you mean by “Next, select to install zip from sdcard, then choose zip from sdcard by selecting the ROM’s zip file you copied to the phone earlier.”
    Should this be done on the PC or Phone?

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