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How To Play Pokèmon Go With Your Screen Off [Android]

Pokèmon Go is a game you have to go outside to play. The game not only needs to be kept running at all times, it also needs an active internet connection. When you’re outside, this internet connection is going to be your data plan and consuming it will impact your phone’s battery life. Keeping the game running, and your screen on at all times will also impact battery life in addition to the app’s constant need to access your location via GPS. The point is, as fun as this game is, it’s a major battery drain. Players can preserve battery life and data by downloading a map of your city offline but Android users can actually play the game with the screen turned Off thanks to a little app called Battery Extender Go.

Battery Extender Go is one of those apps that has been developed in the wake of Pokèmon Go. It can work just as well for any other game that has the same ‘always On’ requirement that Pokèmon Go does. The app does not require a rooted device.

To set you at ease; using this app does not constitute cheating in any sense of the word. It will also not get you banned. Niantic has no way of knowing you’re using this app and it does not need to connect to your Google account.

Launch the app and select which team you’re a member of. The app has a premium version but the free version is perfectly functional for this basic need. All you need to do is select how you will wake your device with the app running.

Once you’ve set it up, swipe down to show the Notification Area and tap the app’s ‘Tap here to save battery’ notification. Your screen will be put to sleep immediately.

Battery Extender GO-action Battery Extender GO-activate

Anytime your phone vibrates i.e. when a new Pokèmon spawns nearby, use the keys you set for waking the device to wake it. You will find Pokèmon Go running just as you left it.

It is  very important to note that you never, ever, use the actual power button to put the device to sleep. You also need to keep Pokèmon go running in the foreground. The app will not let you run the game in the background. It is meant to preserve battery life by allowing you to turn the screen Off and not to help you cheat.

Battery Extender Go is not available for iOS devices and given the nature of iOS, it probably never will be. Perhaps something similar could work on a jailbroken device but for now, iOS users will have to sit this one out.

Install Battery Extender Go From The Google Play Store

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