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How To Root Nokia X, Install Play Store & Google Now Launcher

Nokia’s announcement at the MWC regarding new Android handsets didn’t come as much a surprise as what the company did with Android running on its devices. It’s like the Finnish company – now owned by Microsoft – is attempting to create Android without Google, replacing the Mountain View company’s offerings with Microsoft’s. In fact, the Nokia X smartphone, although based on AOSP, is complete devoid of Google Apps, from looking at the device, you’ll have a hard time even telling that it’s Android. However, all hope is not lost, as thanks to the active Android developer community, there’s a way to not only root the Nokia X, but also install Google Play Store and the Google Now Launcher onto the device. Details past the jump.


Before we get to the details of how you can modify the Nokia X to do all these things, do understand that the device isn’t yet available in production markets. The hack comes courtesy of XDA Developers senior member Kashamalaga, who got a Nokia X at the MWC and put it to good use. Hence, all thanks to him for bringing this wonderful workaround for early adopters.

Please understand that this method is different from conventional rooting, since the Nokia X bootloader seems to be partially locked and there isn’t a working custom recovery for the device either.

Disclaimer: The instructions herein are to be followed at your own risk, as AddictiveTips does not take any liability for any damage to your device whatsoever.


Before we begin, let’s take a look at what you’ll need

  • Framaroot app
  • A root-level file explorer (Root Explorer or ES File Explorer, for instance)
  • Nokia GApps package (available at the source link at the end)
  • NokiaX_SomeGoogleApps.zip (available at the source link at the end)


1. You need to begin by rooting your Nokia X first. Since there isn’t a working recovery, root can only be achieved via the Framaroot app. Sideload the Framaroot APK and gain root level access via these simple steps.

2. Next, sideload the root file explorer of your choice to enable changing permissions for system files.

3. Download and extract the contents of the NokiaX GApps ZIP file, and copy all the APKs within the package to the /system/app directory on your Nokia X using the file explorer you just installed.

4. Set the permissions for the APKs to “read” for all and “write” for just the first one from top, as per the screenshot below.


5. Reboot the device, and now install all the APKs from the second ZIP file (NokiaX_SomeGoogleApps) normally, as you would for any application.

That’s pretty much all there is to it – your Nokia X smartphone is now not only rooted, but also able to run Google Now Launcher and the Play Store. Launch the latter to enter your Google Account information and download all the apps that you were missing!

For more information and support, please visit the XDA developers forum thread below.

[via XDA-Developers]


  1. Interesting. Of course, I always counsel not to root any Android phone unless you’re a techno-geek and actually *LIKE* that kinda’ stuff. Otherwise, if you’re just a normal end-user who’s busy in life, and don’t want to have to be constantly fiddling with the phone just to keep it working (as all who root do); and who don’t want to void the phone’s warranty, then you’ll not, trust me, want to root your phone. Typically, only techno-geeks to like to dig-around in the bowels of the phone — and who like to do so despite (or even, in some cases, especially because) the phone-maker forbids it — really get any benefit from rooting; and even they must have their eyes wide open about the manifold downsides. Life’s too short, I say. Most techno-geeks eventually outgrow such silliness.

    So, then, what to do about at least the Google Play Store if one doesn’t root? As I’m sure you know (but for the reader’s benefit), between the “AppBrain” and “Apptoide” apps, the Google Play Store is kinda’ almost unnecessary. Indeed, at one time, AppBrain only installed using the Google Play Store in the background, but it now can do independent installs; and Aptoide has long been the app of choice for, for example, Android devices from China that are not Google approved, and so can’t run the Google Play Store app.

    I’ve got Aptoide on just such a cheap Chinese tablet that I’m testing-out as a… well… I don’t want to give-away my product and marketing idea, but I’m testing one; and it’s not Google approved, so I installed Aptoide instead…

    …and, sure enough, through it I can access and install onto that tablet pretty much anything and everything that’s in the Google Play Store.

    Remember the Amazon app, too. It’s got pretty much everything the Google Play Store has.

    As for the Google Now Launcher… meh. There are other better launchers… pretty much all of them available through Aptoide.

    With no rooting required.

    Gregg L. DesElms
    Napa, California USA
    gregg at greggdeselms dot com

    Veritas nihil veretur nisi abscondi.
    Veritas nimium altercando amittitur.

    • I was just about to mention Amazon AppStore too 🙂 I have Xperia SP, which has all the official Google Apps, but once I installed Amazon Store I didn’t look back. I like the navigation more, it has basically all of the major apps + you get this Free App Of The Day deal, which is great. The thing I don’t like about Google Play is the fact that there’s just way too many apps. Stupid of me, isn’t it? Who doesn’t like bigger choice? But the problem is that most of these apps are very poorly made (in my opinion). Therefore I prefer something more closed like Amazon AppStore where I can get only the high quality apps. Honestly the first thing I thought about after seeing the title of this article was “Why not install different store?” 🙂

    • Hey Bro..
      I have nokia x.But when i open whats app they said u have no googpe store can this problem solved by without rooting or with amazon app..

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