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How To Select Which Toggles Appear In Quick Settings In Android 7.0

Android 6.0 introduced helpful little tiles in the notifications panel that allowed users to access and toggle frequently used settings. Since the notifications panel can be accessed from inside any app, this makes those tiles very convenient to access. In Android 7.0, the same feature has been tweaked slightly so that you can access five of those tiles without having to drag the entire notifications panel down. Before, you had to open the panel all the way in order to access the tiles and it usually involved two swipe gestures; one to open the notifications panel and one to expand it. The quick settings are easier to access but there is only room for five tiles. Here’s how you can change their order and have you preferred ones appear in quick settings.

The Quick Settings panel is shown in the screenshot on the left while the entire list of tiles that you get in the notifications panel is shown in the screenshot on the right.

To access quick settings, you need only open the notifications panel with a little flick. To access the entire panel, you have to drag the notifications panel to expand it.

quick settings android 7 notifications panel tiles android 7

To change which toggles appear in Quick Settings, open the Notifications Panel and drag it down so you can access the tiles. Tap the Edit button at the bottom right. The tiles section will  expand to show you additional tiles that can be added but that’s not what you need to do.

When you’re in edit mode, you can rearrange the tiles however you want. The first five tiles that appear on the first page of the notifications panel are the ones that appear in Quick Settings. If you need the screen orientation tile to be the first one in quick settings, simply drag & drop it so that it appears at the top left. Repeat for your five most frequently used toggles and exit the editing mode. That’s all there is to it.

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