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How To Set WiFi Connection Priority In Android

Smartphones and desktops are not always accurate when it comes to choosing the strongest connection to connect to. Your PC or your smartphone will connect to a network based solely on its signal strength. This is hardly the best approach since other factors such as stability and speed are important when connecting to a network. If you’re running Windows 10, there’s a pretty easy way to set WiFi connection order. To set WiFi connection priority in Android, you need an app called WiFi Prioritizer.

Install WiFi Prioritizer and open it. It will list all WiFi networks saved on your device. Within this list, you can drag & drop the connections to set their priority. The connection at the top of the list, will be the preferred network to connect to.

Turn on the ‘Enable Scheduled Job’ switch and based on the list’s order, your device will connect to the preferred network. WiFi Prioritizer judges which connection to connect to based on how strong and weak the signal is. It constantly checks to see which connection is the strongest and then goes down the list to connect to the best, preferred one.

You can tweak the minimum signal strength that a connection must have in order for your device to connect to it from the app’s settings. Likewise, you can set the minimum signal strength that if a connection drops to to cause your device to disconnect from it.  Likewise, you can also change how often the app checks the signal strength of available networks.

With WiFi Prioritizer running, you don’t ever have to manually switch WiFi networks. When you set WiFi connection priority using the app, it still looks at the signal strength of a connection but if you have two strong or two weak connections, you can select one to be preferred over the other. If you’d like for your device to ignore a connection but don’t want to remove it, simply uncheck the connection in the app’s list. The app will no longer connect to it regardless how strong the signal is.

Install WiFi Prioritizer From The Google Play Store

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