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Play The Chrome T-Rex Running Game On Your Phone

Chrome has a neat little game hidden on the No Internet Connection page. Most desktop users know about this game; whenever you lose your internet connect and Chrome fails to load a page, it shows you a ‘No Internet Connection’ message. Just above this message is a pixel image of a T-Rex. If you tap your space bar, the T-rex starts running. Cacti appear in its path and you must tap the space bar to jump over them. This very same game can be played on Chrome for iOS and Android. Here’s how you can play the Chrome T-rex running game on your phone.

If you have a working internet connection but want to play the game, turn off mobile data and WiFi on your phone. Open a new tab in Chrome and type in any URL. With the WiFi turned off, and mobile data not available, you will see the ‘You are offline’ message with a pixel T-rex above it.

To start the game, tap the T-rex. Tapping anywhere else will not start the game; it must be on the T-rex. Once the T-rex starts running, cacti will appear in its path. Tap anywhere on your screen to make the T-rex jump. Your score increases the farther you run. Crashing into a cactus ends the game.

The farther you run, the faster the T-rex runs. Your only job is to tap your screen at the right time. Tapping hard or tapping longer doesn’t result in higher jumps. The game is very basic; like an easy version of flappy bird.

The Chrome T-rex running game is just one of many Easter eggs from Google. It’s nice to know that the company doesn’t neglect its mobile apps when it comes to these Easter eggs and games. Google has also included a hidden game in Android since Android 6. The game is a much more accurate imitation of flappy bird.

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