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Identify & Batch-Remove Resource-Heavy Or Barely Used Android Apps With AVG Uninstaller

When was the last time you wanted to uninstall an app from your Android device? Did the process go smoothly, or did you end up facing some unusual quirks? Android lets you uninstall apps the same way you install them in the first place, but what it really lacks is the ability to uninstall them in batch. And if you’re someone who installs lots of apps to try them out, it must be difficult to uninstall unused ones individually to free up some space because normally, you have to initiate the uninstallation process of each item separately, making it a tedious task. Previously, we have covered some really great apps to overcome this nuisance such as Apps Uninstall, Root Uninstaller, GO App Uninstaller, just to name a few. AVG is the latest to join the party with its new AVG Uninstaller app.

AVG Uninstaller AVG Uninstaller_Sort_Battery

AVG Uninstaller has an intuitive and easily understandable interface that sports a really elegant background, complimenting the overall look of the app really nicely. It may seem a simple uninstaller on the surface but deep down, it’s packing quite a punch. The first interesting feature is that it lets you sort the items upon launch. You can view the apps list sorted by app usage, battery usage, data usage or storage usage. This feature basically helps you find those rarely used apps or apps that are just taking up too much disk space or hogging your battery.

Uninstalling apps work pretty damn fast and needless to say, batch uninstallation makes everything even faster. To uninstall apps in batch, just mark the required items from the list and hit the Uninstall button at the bottom. A confirmation popup appears before each item is uninstalled and you just have to hit OK to confirm each time.

AVG Uninstaller_Uninstall AVG Uninstaller_Uninstall

It must be mentioned here that as you remove apps using AVG Uninstaller, it displays total disk space you saved as well as number of apps removed on the app’s home screen. This is a great feature to calculate required space for a new file or app right from within the app. Another interesting feature is the Advisor filter. Accessible from the Settings, this feature gives suggestions regarding the apps to remove. Simply choose the advisor frequency as well as the app size and app usage limits, and hit Advise Now.

AVG Uninstall Main AVG Uninstaller_Settings

Although, there are various similar apps available at Play Store, AVG Uninstaller is a great choice if you often face the need to initiate batch uninstallation and aren’t sure about what apps you should remove. Other than that you aren’t likely to find anything groundbreaking.

Install AVG Uninstaller from Play Store

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