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Idrod Music: Media Player That Emulates The Old iPod Nano On Your Android

Android music players come in various shapes, sizes and flavors, with some trying to adhere to the latest Android GUI instructions (i.e., take the Holo route), while others attempting to replicate looks of offerings from other platforms. Fresh to the scene, Idrod Music (beta) is a feature-filled, customizable and multilingual media player for Android that can, at best, be referred to as an app that emulates everybody’s favorite old iPod nano/classic. Sporting the same on-screen menu, circular dial for in-app navigation, and gesture-based controls as that of the aforementioned iDevice, Idrod Music lets you enjoy local music playback, videos and photos on your Android in an entirely different way. Though not the most comprehensive media player in the market, the app offers enough customization and subtle controls to entice users towards giving it a fair try. While the photo and video explorer of the app contains nothing too flashy to talk about (apart from full-screen browsing), its music player certainly packs quite a few useful features, including the shuffle & repeat options, a 10-band equalizer, background playback, multiple browsing modes, automatic album cover searching, and the option to manually search for tracks. Past the break, we look at Idrod Music in detail.


Just like an iPod classic, the UI of Idrod Music is split into two halves, where the upper half displays the LED-style menu whereas the bottom half carries a 5-button radial controller, allowing you to play/pause media, navigate to the previous screen, switch to the previous & next track, and perform action on the selected item on the menu. To navigate to various items on the list, just swipe your finger along the dial, while to quit the app, just long press the play/pause button.

For your music, the app lets you browse tracks by playlists, artists, albums, year, songs and composers. Supported formats include MP3, WAV, FLAC, MID, XMF & OGG. You may search for required tracks, generate a playlist comprising your most listened to tracks, and long press a track to add it to the favorites. While listening to a song, you can use the same swipe-along-the-dial gesture to control volume level. To switch between album art and play view, tap the middle/action button.


To its credit, the app supports flawlessly playing almost all renowned video formats, including 3GP, MP4, M4A and MKV. Likewise, Idrod Music supports plenty of image formats, including BMP, PNG, GIF and WEBP. The Extras option on the app’s menu is from where you may search for cover albums, and select a favorite theme from the 10 available options. Various options included within the Settings menu allow you to check your device memory (with a detailed breakdown of media contents), enable shuffling/repeating of tracks, adjust the backlight timer, or select from the required equalizer (audio preset).


Being a debut release, Idrod Music is being offered as a full-fledged ‘publicity-free’ (but ad-supported) version in the Google Play Store. However, users interested in getting their hands on an ad-free variant have the option to go for the paid version by spending $2.18. Idrod Music is meant to run on any device running Android 2.2 or higher. Grab the app by hitting the links provided below.

Download Idrod Music Free For Android

Download Idrod Music For Android (Paid)

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