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IFTTT Arrives On Google Play Store And Brings Android Channels

IFTTT is possibly one of the best services ever created, ever. It’s been helping people automate and connect web services for about three years and the IFTTT app for Android has finally arrived in the Google Play Store, almost a year after the iOS app (that was a long wait). The app is awesome, of course, but you need only think about how much more freedom you have with an Android and you realize that the app is going to be very powerful indeed. It comes with special Android channels that let you use phone functions in your recipes for actions such as getting a notification on your phone when it’s about to rain. Here’s our hands-on review of the app.

You’ll get a brief tour of the app and how the service works and then you’re taken to the sign in or sign up screen. Once you’re in the app will activate different Android channels for you since you’ve just logged in to the Android app.

IFTTT android channels

You can visit one of the Android channels and select a recipe to use from the one’s that other users have created or you can create your own recipe from the cauldron button at the top right. The Android channels allow users to connect recipes with photos, calls, and notifications on their phones.

android channels android recipe

Adding a recipe is simple; select a trigger and select an action. Among the actions you can add for a trigger, you will notice three dedicated action types for Android.

If this actions

To view recipes that you’ve previously added, tap the cauldron button on the Action bar and then scroll through the drawer that lists your currently active recipes. You can stop a recipe, delete it, and edit it from the app. Tap the options button in the drawer to view the app’s settings and to view all available recipe channels that you’ve connected and enabled.

settings channels

Finally, if you want to browse recipes, tap the glasses button in the side drawer. You can browse recipes by collection for example, recipes for photo enthusiasts. You can view featured recipes, trending recipes, and the all time top recipes. Any one of the the recipes listed here can be enabled from within the app.

collections trending


The only thing I’m curious about now is what an app like this will let users accomplish with an open operating system like Android.

Download IFTTT from Google Play Store


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