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Install AOSP-Based Android 4.4 KitKat ROM On Galaxy Nexus

When Google unveiled Android 4.4 to the public just a few days back, they announced that various current Nexus products (Nexus 4, both editions of Nexus 7, and Nexus 10) would soon be getting KitKat pretty soon, but rather disappointingly, Galaxy Nexus would never see the latest version of Android. In official form, that is. There were two reasons behind this decision: a) Texas Instruments – the chipmaker behind the SoC that the device uses – has quit the mobile SoC market, and will not be supporting the device in form of the proprietary binaries required to get a fully functional build, and b) the device is no longer in the 18-month update window that Google promised, and is therefore not eligible for any future updates. Though that doesn’t mean the community can’t do anything about it; thanks to the developers at XDA, we now have a couple of Andorid 4.4 KitKat ROMs available for the device.


Both these builds have been compiled from the AOSP source. The first one goes by the name A taste of KitKat, and has been developed by XDA Senior Member Grarak. The second one is a part of the SlimROMs series by kufikugel and team, and is appropriately named  SlimKat. Both builds are based on the AOSP code but while the former focuses on staying as close to a pure Android experience, the latter does include some of the characteristic features of all SlimROMs such as a dark theme, notification drawer shortcuts, SlimCenter etc.

Both these builds should be considered alpha for now, and may not provide an experience suitable for day-to-day use. That said, most features are working and the only issues so far seem to be in form of some graphical glitches experienced when rotating, locking (CRT effect) and taking a screenshot.

Had enough of the details? Let’s proceed to the installation process.

Disclaimer: Please follow this guide at your own risk. AddictiveTips will not be liable if your device gets damaged or bricked during the process.



  1. Transfer the ROM as well as its Google Apps package to your phone.
  2. Reboot your phone into recovery.
  3. To be on the safe side, perform a backup from recovery.
  4. Perform a full wipe data/factory reset, followed by wipe cache and wipe dalvik cache from advanced.
  5. Go to mounts and storage and format /system.
  6. Install the ROM, followed by the Google Apps package.
  7. Reboot your device.

You should now be running Android 4.4 KitKat on your Galaxy Nexus. Enjoy!

[via XDA-Developers]


    • That’s the reason why we have explained in the post that these are alpha, and may not be considered as suitable as daily drivers yet.

      That said, the reason for posting them is their high significance as the first available working builds for the device, considering the Galaxy Nexus will not be getting an official KitKat ROM from Google, and the hardware binaries required to make everything work officially will never become available.

      Also, based on the response received at the forum threads, both these ROMs have had updates by now that have fixed nearly all major issues, except certain graphical glitches.

    • Because the chipset mfg of the Gnex, (TI) not in business anymore, the devs has to come up with a way to update the drivers. And that is the main reason for the glitches are still present.

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