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Popular Article Bookmarking App Instapaper Comes To Android

After receiving umpteen number of unofficial Instapaper clients, Google Play Store finally welcomes the official one! The simple yet immensely popular iOS app that lets you bookmark favorite webpages – online articles, journals and blog posts – download included content, and then read all the bookmarked stuff later in offline mode, has eventually made its way to the Google Play Store for Android users. However, offline reading is not all what Instapaper has on offer; it comes across as a universal app that has been optimized to run equally effectively on smartphones as well as tablets (Nook, Kindle Fire et al). In addition, the app offers several handy tools, such as customizable font size and types, spacing, indentation, in-app sharing, custom folders, and day/night reading modes, that help you easily bookmark, organize and read your favorite articles on the fly.

In order to access all aforementioned features, you must log in to the app using an Instapaper account. If you don’t already own an account, the app helps you get one for free. Once logged in, you can sync your Instapaper folders and bookmarked articles from any supported device.


The layout of the Android variant of Instapaper is based more or less along the same lines as its iOS counterpart, with the only major difference being the Holo-themed menu buttons. The app’s homescreen houses your Instapaper folders, lets you create new folders and enable the folder editing mode by tapping the + and pencil button, respectively.


Likewise, while within a folder, you can enable the editing mode to archive, move or delete the selected articles. Swiping sideways on a bookmarked item lets you share or delete an article, or move it to another folder. To add an article/URL to Instapaper from your mobile browser, tap Menu > Share Page > Instapaper. Not only does the app support downloading text content, but also the photos included within the webpage.


While in reading mode, you’re presented with an action bar at the bottom that contains options to like, share and delete the article. Hitting the AA button displays a compact menu that carries several aforementioned features, including the brightness adjustment slider, the Dark Mode toggle, font resizing buttons, font type selection, and spacing, as well as margin adjustment buttons.


Head over to the app’s settings screen (Menu > Settings), and you’re ready to manage your Instapaper profile and tinker with the app’s various settings. These include enabling the rotation lock (in reading mode) and/or dark mode, setting the app to automatically switch to dark mode (manually or at night), re-downloading all bookmarked articles, setting the maximum number of articles to bookmark (maximum 500), like (maximum 100), archive (maximum 100), and specifying the app’s auto-update time.

Unlike its iOS counterpart (that costs $3.99), Instapaper for Android has been priced at $2.99. The app requires Android v2.2 or higher to run.

Download Instapaper for Android

Download Instapaper for iPhone, iPad & iPod touch

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