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ISeeYou For Android ICS Works Like SGS3’s Smart Stay; Keeps The Screen On While You’re Looking At It

The Samsung Galaxy S III (s3) is being cited by most as the best Android smartphone ever. Among all the various capabilities that the device holds, the one that has piqued the interest of masses is undoubtedly the Smart Stay feature. When enabled, Smart Stay utilizes facial recognition (via the front facing camera) to detect the users’ face, and prevents the screen from going into sleep mode for as long as they keep looking at their devices. A very handy prospect, especially in cases where you’re using an app – a news reader, web browser, eBook reader et al – that won’t let you personalize screen timeout by default. So, with the screen timeout issue for your apps and video playback out of the way, there remains little logic in setting a rather prolonged display timeout duration, which only contributes towards sucking your device’s battery big time. The problem, however, is that I don’t have an SGS3 (and I might not be getting one any time soon), but I want the Smart Stay option on my Galaxy Nexus. Thanks to ISeeYou, my wish won’t go unfulfilled.

Fresh to the Google Play Store, ISeeYou brings the Smart Stay feature to any device rocking Ice Cream Sandwich and sporting a front facing camera (don’t bother testing it on a, say, HTC Desire Z). Sporting a simple interface, and even simple-sounding purpose, the app has the capacity to utilize the facial recognition feature to keep the screen awake for as long as you’re staring at it.

ISeeYou-Android-Home ISeeYou-Android-Notification

The app’s usage or interface need no long explanations. All it comprises is a solitary homescreen sporting toggle to trigger its service, and the option to automatically launch the app upon device reboot. Having tested it on Galaxy Nexus and Samsung Galaxy S (both running the AOKP custom ROM), we can verify that the app works like a charm. The good thing with ISeeYou is that it is not restricted to work with just the face of the device owner or a particular user. In simple terms, it’s a handy utility that follows the set-once-forget-forever convention.

ISeeYou is available in the Google Play Store as a free and $0.63 paid variant. Those interested in tweaking the app’s settings to their liking should go for the paid version, as it allows you to specify the time frequency for face detection, as well as the maximum time to scan your face. Remember that the app is only compatible with Android devices rocking ICS and sporting a front facing camera.

Download ISeeYou for Android (Free)

Download ISeeYou Pro for Android (Paid)


    • You install another ROM called “AOKP”. It has these additional settings beyond the stock google ICS ROM.

  1. This works for me on a Galaxy Nexus. Will require further testing.. make sure it doesn’t drain battery. At least I can reduce my sleep time from 1 minute to 15 seconds though.

    What app is that in your status bar for those toggles? I like it.

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