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KeepApp Offers A Combined Timeline For Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Foursquare On Android

If your social contacts spread across multiple online networks and you find it tough keeping track of their activities on your mobile device through a bunch of different apps, KeepApp might save the day for you. It is a social network aggregator for Android capable of displaying the latest activity from as many as four major networks: Facebook, Foursquare, Instagram and Twitter. Through a Holo-themed, unified timeline UI, you can take a peek at what’s happening on each of the four networks and interact with the posts in various ways. Though not the only app of its kind, KeepApp is special in that it lets you view last updated status of each supported network even in offline mode, just like the stock apps for these services. It also lets you directly download images contained within posts from all supported networks. In addition, it keeps you informed of your Twitter updates via push notifications, and supports natively posting retweets and @Mentions, complete with image support.

Needless to say, KeepApp requires access to the social network(s) that you wish to monitor. For authentication, hit the settings gear button at the top-right, select your preferred network(s), authorize the app to connect with them, and you’re good to go.


For each network, you’re presented with a separate tab on the app’s home screen, in addition to the ‘All’ screen that serves as a unified timeline for displaying all the activities taking place on these networks. Swiping sideways, you can switch between the All tab and tabs relevant to other networks. Using the pull-to-refresh gesture, you can manually update content for the current tab.


For Facebook posts, you get to see the all the likes and comments. Moreover, you can share any post to your Facebook Wall , complete with a custom message. The app currently doesn’t let you like posts or reply to them, which would be a major shortcoming for many.

The Twitter tab shows you your Twitter timeline. As mentioned earlier, the app supports push notifications for Twitter updates. Also, it lets you post retweets and @Mentions, with support for adding images from your device’s SD card or grabbed afresh from the camera.


The Instagram tab, as expected, displays your updated timeline from the widely-followed social photo sharing network.  Besides downloading all those gorgeous photos with hipster filters from Instagram (and all other supported networks), you can add a post to favorites, and view all the likes and comments it has raked. Images downloaded via the app can be found in the ‘KeepApp’ folder on your device’s SD card.

Having tested the app extensively, we can say that it works exactly as advertised. KeepApp supports a brilliant concept that can be further improved with the inclusion of several features such as support for a wider pool of networks, a home & lock screen widget, option to submit new posts & respond to posts by others on all networks, basic profile management and a built-in photo gallery capable of displaying images gathered from all the various supported networks.

Download KeepApp For Android

Update: A new update to KeepApp has been pushed to the Play Store that allows natively sharing new Facebook and Twitter posts, complete with status updates, photos and locations (for Twitter only).

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