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Koush’s ClockworkMod Superuser Offers PIN Protection, Multi-User Support & More

ChainsDD’s Superuser and Chainfire’s SuperSU finally have some serious competition, as Koushisk Dutta (aka Koush) – the developer of the famous ClockworkMod recovery and several Android apps like Tether, Carbon, and DeskSMS – has come up with a root access management app of his own. Currently in beta, ClockworkMod Superuser by Koush aims to add more features and transparency to the process of managing root access requests by third-party apps. Besides being free and completely open-source, this Holo themed tool brings with it several nifty features such as multiuser support on Android 4.2 Jelly Bean tablets, support for x86 & ARM devices, PIN protection for approval of Superuser requests, user-specified timeout for denying Superuser requests to apps, ability to handle concurrent Superuser requests effectively and full support for Android’s permissions model.

According to Koush, the idea of devising a Superuser app of his own was triggered by a number of factors, the most important one being his belief that such a tool should be fully open-source and AOSP-based, so that any developer can embed it in their own ROMs. Also, by introducing multiuser support for Android 4.2 tablets, ClockworkMod Superuser ensures that all users can enjoy true benefits of root access denied by Google in the OS by default. Interestingly, Koush was a tad disappointed with some of the already available apps that didn’t play nice with his latest Carbon app. Therefore, he decided to make one of his own, fittingly named ClockworkMod Superuser.

The app won’t be released in the Play Store while in beta. As of now, ClockworkMod Superuser is available as a flashable ZIP file. All  you need to do is grab it via the link provided at the end of this post, and flash it from a custom recovery.


ClockworkMod Superuser works more or less in the same way as Superuser and SuperSU, prompting you for root permissions upon launching an app that requires root access. In addition, Clockwork Superuser Request screen lets you grant an app root access temporarily for a user-configurable time period.

The app’s main settings screen lets you select the default response for when there’s a Superuser request made by an app. In addition, you can set a custom PIN for approval of Superuser requests, so that no one else using your device can access apps root privileges. You can also modify the default request timeout from to another value from the default 30 seconds.

(https://download.clockworkmod.com/test/superuser-2.zip) Download ClockworkMod Superuser (ZIP File)

Update: The app is now available on the Play Store. We’ve added a link to its page below.

Download ClockworkMod Superuser For Android (Play Store link)

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