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Koush’s TabletSMS Lets You Send & Receive Text Messages On An Android Tablet

Koushik Dutta (or simply, Koush), the developer behind the popular ClockworkMod custom Android recovery, also known for the handy SMS forwarding solution DeskSMS, has made another commendable addition to the Play Store similar to the latter. Released last year, DeskSMS lets Android users tie their Google account with their mobile number, allowing them to respond to their SMS messages right from the Gmail web interface and/or the official Gtalk desktop client without having to rely on their devices. The developer’s newest endeavor, TabletSMS, is effectively an extension of the DeskSMS app that lets you send and receive all your text messages (SMS and MMS) right from your Android tablet. Apart from adding texting capabilities on tablets, the app supports receiving text messages from various third-party IM clients, including Beejive and Trillian etc, and is capable of pushing incoming SMS directly to your Gmail client, Google Talk, as well as the DeskSMS extension for Google Chrome. Setting up TabletSMS is as simple as it can possibly get, since all you need to have is the DeskSMS app to be configured on your Android smartphone, and TabletSMS to be associated with the same email address you used to register DeskSMS.

TabletSMS might not be the only solution for Android users to remotely receive and reply to their text messages on other devices (computers or tablets), but if you’re already a regular DeskSMS user, the effort required to achieve said purpose is surely going to be cut down substantially with TabletSMS. Moreover, the overall UI of the tablet version of the app is quite neatly designed, which makes your texting experience all the more pleasant. If you don’t fancy a more thorough, feature-filled remote Android manager like AirDroid, and just want to get texting functionality on your tablet, then TabletSMS might be best for you.

TabletSMS-Android-DeskSMS1 TabletSMS-Android-DeskSMS2

Here’s what you need to do to set up TabletSMS:

  1. Install DeskSMS on your Android smartphone, and affiliate your Google account with the app.
  2. Install TabletSMS on your Android tablet, and select the Google account that you’ve already associated with DeskSMS (in case you have multiple accounts).
  3. Wait for the tablet variant of the app to test push notifications with DeskSMS. Once that is done, the app notifies you that you’re good to go.

TabletSMS works like any other messaging app; it lets you delete unwanted message ones, compose & send news texts, and mark all messages as ‘read’. The app’s settings screen allows you to toggle notifications for received SMS messages.


Both TabletSMS and DeskSMS are available in the Google Play Store for free. However, free usage of the apps only lasts for the first 15 days, after which you’ll have to pay $5 per year in order to continue using the service.

Download TabletSMS For Android Smartphone

Download DeskSMS For Android Tablets

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