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Link Bubble For Android Opens In-App Links In The Background Within Floating Pop-ups

A 2012 study conducted by Google cited that more and more people are beginning to browse the web on their mobile devices. Smartphone and tablet usage has escalated significantly in the past few years, and mobile web browsers have become one of the most frequently used software. Though, they aren’t they only way users interact with the web on mobile devices. The new and innovative app Link Bubble from Australian developer Chris Lacy aims to streamline your entire mobile web browsing experience by making it easier to handle web links that you come across in any app.

Link Bubble lets you open such links in the background while you continue using your current app in the foreground. Why would you want to do this, you ask? Well, usually when you tap a link, Android switches from your current app to the default browser, where you have to wait for the page to load. Link Bubble, on other hand, loads that link in an animated floating ‘bubble’, allowing you to continue using other apps in the foreground, or even return to the home screen.

When the link completes loading, you can expand the bubble to fill the screen and view the underlying web page. Tapping the bubble again minimizes it so you can go back to what you were doing. The bubble remains visible on the screen, and you can drag it around to any area of screen just like Facebook Messenger’s chat heads. The core purpose here is to save you from waiting for these pages to load, enabling you to invest that time in other, more important tasks.

Link Bubble_Intercept Link Bubble_Link Hold Link Bubble_Open

The free version of the app can only intercept links from a single app at a time. The paid variant removes this limitation.

Additional actions can be performed on the floating bubble while you’re dragging it around. You can drag it to the bubbles in either of the top corners to share the link with other apps of your choice, or drag it to the ‘x’ bubble at the bottom to do away with it.

Link Bubble also keeps a complete log of the time that has been saved while opening links using the app. What’s more, it lets you access previously opened links from the app’s History, which can also be completely wiped if needed.

Link Bubble_Share Link Bubble_Main Link Bubble_History

There’s a small gear button in the top-right corner of the app’s home screen, tapping which lets you access the app’s settings from where you can specify the app from where you want Link Bubble to intercept links, customize top-left and top-right link sharing bubbles, toggle incognito mode and clear private data.

Link Bubble_Settings 1 Link Bubble_Bubble Setting Link Bubble_Settings2

Below, you’ll find Play Store links to both free and pro versions of Link Bubble.

Install Link Bubble from Play Store (Free)

Install Link Bubble Pro from Play Store (Paid)

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