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Lockscreen Free For Android Offers A Unique Combination Of Pattern Unlock & Quick App Launching

One of the best things about Android is how customizable the OS is. You can change nearly every aspect of the interface by merely installing apps, and this includes the lock screen. We have previously covered many lock screen customization tools and apps with you and today, LockScreen Free joins the club. Rather than merely providing you with a way to unlock your device, this lock screen replacement app aims to save you time and add more security to your unlocking experience by utilizing app icons for a lock screen grid, and adding a twist to pattern-based unlocking and quick app launching. Read on for details.

Here’s how it works: you are offered a grid of icons, and you need to select your desired unlock pattern. Once a pattern is selected, you must use it on the lock screen in order to unlock your device and directly launch the last app on your chosen pattern. However, what if you need to launch another app or simply want to unlock your screen without launching any app? Just don’t lift your finger after entering your correct pattern, and drag it to the app you want to launch instead, or to the unlock icon if you just want to unlock the screen. This also adds another level of security because you’d end up using a different pattern ending each time you unlock to a different app this way. In addition to apps, you can also quickly call the last dialed number, or your favorite contact(s) from the lock screen, and even toggle your phone’s flashlight.

LockScreen Free for Android 1 LockScreen Free for Android 4

The app needs to be enabled before you can use it, and it guides you through that. Next, you need to disable any existing lock screen security you may have. Once done with that, simply select a pattern from the app’s settings.

LockScreen Free for Android 2 LockScreen Free for Android 3

From the settings, you can also set a password recovery question, edit the list of app icons shown on your lock screen, reorganize them to the order of your choice, add one or more widgets to your lock screen (depending on their size and the number as well as position of app icons you currently have on the lock screen), toggle the visibility of the app’s own status bar (which doesn’t look all that great, in our opinion), choose between a couple of styles, the second of which is for users of the premium version only, select a wallpaper for the lock screen, choose your favorite contacts to be displayed, and more.

LockScreen Free for Android 5 LockScreen Free for Android 6

All in all, it’s a pretty neat lock screen replacement app and its price tag of free along with the convenience and added security it offers makes it a viable choice for any user who wants a decent level of security for their device while being able to quickly access multiple app from it or call favorite or recently dialed contacts. Buying the premium version with a $2.12 in-app purchase removes ads and unlocks the premium styles as well as bright flashlight.

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