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Material Design Color Palettes Suggests Colors For Your App [Android]

Material Design has been a highlight of Android Lollipop and rightly so. It’s Android maturing in terms of design. The design itself is pretty good, enough to encourage developers to adopt it more and more. Maybe one day we will wait for apps to upgrade to the new design like we  do today with iOS apps. For anyone looking for inspiration on how to do Material Design well, there is the myriad of stock apps by Google to act as an example. Implementation-wise we have quite a few examples but if you’re a designer struggling with the right colors for material design, give Material Design Color Palettes a try. It’s a very simple free Android app that lists shades for nineteen different colors that are a good fit for Material design. The colors range from bright reds and pinks to mute browns and greys.

Launch the app and pick a color from the navigation drawer. The drawer closes to reveal fourteen shades of the color you picked.

Material Design Color Palettes colors

Scroll through the different colors or return to the navigation drawer to pick a different one. Each color is displayed on its own ‘card’ with its HEX code. You can tap the copy button at the bottom right of a card to copy the HEX code to your clipboard.

color grey color copied

Material Design Color Palettes is only for suggestions or perhaps for inspiration. It isn’t anything like the Adobe Kuler app but it gives you a place to start. In terms of functionality, it’s lacking in a lot of areas such as no support for RGB codes and no way to save a color from one group or build a theme. In terms of design, the app is an acceptable execution of Material design but we’ve seen better.

The app works fine with no bugs but that isn’t saying much considering how simple it is. In terms of inspiration and ideas, it’s either going to be very useful by helping you find the perfect color, or it will be a huge disappointment because the limited options don’t meet your needs. Either ways, it’s still worth the try if you’re dry on options.

Install Material Design Color Palettes From The Google Play Store

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