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memoloo Is A Free, Location-Based Social Photo Sharing Android App

Whether you want to get a collection of the best landscape-centric images out of your favorite photo sharing apps, or simply want to feast your eyes on some of the most awe-inspiring photos from different locations the world over, we’ve got a great solution for you. Available exclusively for Android devices, memoloo is a social photo & video sharing app that allows you to explore, track and share some of the most scenic locations of the world. Each image and video shared via memoloo is a short story in itself, describing its significance to the user and the specific category under which it appropriately falls. Also, memoloo automatically geotags each shared image and presents it on a map via its individual placemarker to help users learn about the exact location where it was captured. Moreover, the app supports several customary socializing tools to rate an image/video, comment on posts, follow a user, explore trending locations, share your own memoloos, and keep a close tab on your activities on the memoloo network.

Just like Instagram and several other popular photo sharing apps, memoloo sports a home screen UI comprising tabs to quickly navigate to the live feed of posts, popular and trending posts, sharing option, and your personal profile.

In order to get started, you must log in to the app using a Memoloo, Facebook or Twitter ID. New users can sign up for a new account for free, right from the app.


Shared content can be explored in a List or Map view from the app’s main tab. Alongside each post, you can see its respective title and the relative distance of the location from yours. Tapping a post lets you explore further details such as the photo location, time of sharing, user rating, category, a brief description and any comments. In terms of user interaction, you have the option to rate the post yourself, comment on it, or request for navigation routes to the location (via an external navigation app). Tapping the image/video thumbnail plays the video, or opens the photo in full screen.


To share content yourself, just hit the Camera tab and select whether you wish to share an image or video of the current location. Once captured, the photo or video can be titled accordingly, supplemented with further details such as a short description and the relative category, and finally shared across Facebook and/or Twitter if you choose to do so.


On the face of it, memoloo might seem yet another run-of-the-mill photo sharing app but with its focus sternly placed on quality and relevance of the content being shared, along with its ability to filter shared content according to user-specific categories, it fares surprisingly well against most of its counterparts.

As of this writing, memoloo is available in Google Play Store as a free, ad-supported app and there is currently no way to get rid of the ads.

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