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MemoShake: Shake Your Android Device To Load Random Facebook Posts & Photos

If you’re one of those socialites who love to share virtually every passing moment of their lives on various social network services, you’ll probably love the concept of Memolane. This highly interactive web app presents you with a unified timeline of all your online activities fetched from various social media networks. Not just that; it also lets you sneak peek into the online activities of various worldwide users via the same timeline preview. Developed by Memolane, MemoShake is a simple, yet fully enjoyable Android app for die-hard, nostalgic Facebook fanatics. As the app’s name suggests, it helps you shake your memory to recall a random moment (post or photo) of your life that you ever shared on the biggest social network service of them all.

The app’s concept is as basic as it gets; once you authorize MemoShake to access your Facebook account, it presents you with a random post that you shared on said service. All you need to switch between different posts is give your device a nice little shake, and viola! A brand new precious moment of your life is right before your eyes. Each individual post can be further shared on Facebook as well as on Twitter right from within the app.

MemoShake-Android-Sample4 MemoShake-Android-Sample2

Although MemoShake’s concept is simple compared to the functionality offered by its native web service, it still does fairly well to take you down the memory lane, and recall various images that you shared on Facebook. On the app’s main interface, you have the MemoShake icon floating freely on screen as per your device movements. Once you shake your device, the app fetches a fresh post from your Facebook account, and displays the exact time of sharing of that particular post. Keep shaking your device to circle between various posts/images in an endless loop.

MemoShake-Android-Sample1 MemoShake-Android-Sample3

As of now, that’s pretty much what MemoShake has to offer. Hopefully, with the future updates, the app will emerge as one of the pioneer interactive scrapbooks that support integration of all the various social network services to help you recall all the wonderful moments of your lives that you’ve become so used to sharing across various online services; all that, from under the same roof.

MemoShake-Android-Sample5 MemoShake-Android-Sample6

MemoShake is absolutely free in the Google Play Store, and requires Android v2.2 or higher to run.

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