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HoverChat Is A Messaging App For Android With Facebook Like Floating Bubbles

Chat bubbles introduced by Facebook have become quite popular and not because they look nice, which they do, but because they are incredibly functional as far as on-screen notifications go. Because of their popularity, lots of messaging and chat apps have incorporated similar floating bubbles. HoverChat is one such messaging app that does chat bubbles extremely well. When you receive a new message, a bubble appears on your home screen. You can tap it and view the message in a small floating window without having to switch to the app itself and reply to the message. The floating window can be moved to any one of the screen edges.

Install HoverChat and set it as your default messaging app. When you receive a message, a chat bubble appears on the home screen with a number badge indicating how many messages you’ve received from the contact. Tap the bubble to open the message in a small window that will float atop whichever app you’re using. Once you reply to the message, you can tap the bubble again to close the window or tap the small cross below the bubble to remove it from your screen.

new message reply

HoverChat is a fully functional messaging app and if you want to compose a message go ahead and launch it. Tap the chat bubble button with a plus sign on it to compose a new message. Type in a contact’s name or phone number and the app will list suggestions that match. Type in your message and tap send.

send new message add contact

If you don’t want a bubble to appear for every contact that sends you a message, you can go to the Manage popups option from the left navigation drawer and just tap the little check mark next to a contact and the app will not show a bubble notification when that contact sends you a message. Of course, if you want to do the exact opposite and make the bubble notification for a message received by a contact stand out, you can enable custom notifications that allow you to define a different sound alert for a contact.Tap the User and cog wheel button next to a contact to access settings for a particular contact to customize the notification tone.

manage notifications  contact notifications

HoverChat is a feature rich messaging app; it supports emoticons, Google Hangouts emoji, encrypted messages, MMS, group messaging, and many customization options for the bubble notifications. To access these settings, open the left navigation drawer and tap Settings. The app also has different themes. It lets you choose the behavior of the ‘Enter’ button on the keyboard and set it to dismiss the message window, minimize it, or just dismiss the keyboard.

As far as the whole chat bubble concept goes, HoverChat executes it very well. What’s even more refreshing is the app design which is very clean and intuitive.

Download HoverChat From The Google Play Store

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