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Mini Launcher For Android Offers A Lightweight UI, Rich Sidebar & GO Widgets Support

I’m the kind of person who doesn’t just settle around with one Android launcher for long. These apps allow me to personalize my home screen and give it a quick makeover without even rooting the device or flashing any custom themes of sort. While most launcher apps that we’ve tested and reviewed so far tend to ship with loads of features out of the box, Mini Launcher feels fairly compact and minimal, thanks to its lightweight Holo-inspired design that feels fresh and intuitive. The key feature of Mini is its handy sidebar that allows to view current weather, recent apps, calls, messages and toggles for W-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS etc. Another interesting bit about it is that is its support for GO Widgets without actually installing GO Launcher EX itself.

It’s a bit difficult to be instantly blown away by Mini Launcher at first glance, as it features pretty much the same looks on the home screen that we’ve seen on countless other stock-based or stock-inspired launchers such as Nova, Apex and many more. From its home screen and app drawer to applying widgets, everything works in a similar fashion to ICS and JB launchers. On the bright side, its modest design makes it compact and simple to use by everyone, staying close to the vanilla Android look and feel.

Mini Launcher App Drawer Widgets

It’s also worth mentioning that Mini only supports up to 3 home screen pages at most, as opposed to other options that offer seven, nine or even unlimited home screens. The Mini Sidebar, which needs to be downloaded first, can be brought into sight via scrolling all the way to the left. To get it, simply tap the Download button there, followed by installing it from Play Store. The sidebar then automatically integrates into Mini Launcher and presents the current weather, toggles for Wi-Fi, GPS, Brightness, Sync, Data and more, missed call and message notifications, recent apps and access to Mini settings.

Sidebar Dwl Sidebar

Speaking of settings, don’t expect to come by loads of configurable parameters, as Mini only allows you to toggle sidebar On and Off, specify total dock and home screen pages, and change scroll and animation speed. In addition, you can toggle auto add shortcuts for apps and open Play Store settings.

Settings_1 Setting Settings

Suffice to say, if you’re looking for a feature-laden launcher for your Android, then Mini may disappoint you. However, if its simplicity and ease of use you want, then this home screen replacement app is definitely worth giving a shot.

Install Mini Launcher from Play Store

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