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Monitor Which Appications You Use Most Frequently [Android]

Every new smartphone owner ends up in frustration when their device doesn’t last a whole day on a single charge, or when they face various memory issues owning to a ton of background apps and running services. Android is no exception. The open source mobile operating system is designed with multitasking in mind. But this multitasking comes at the cost of memory lag when a boatload of apps are left running in the background. Frequency: App Usage Tracking (or Frequency for short), is an Android application that lets you monitor app usage, and in turn remove those that you don’t often use, allowing you to uninstall them right away from the app itself.

Thanks to Frequency’s barebones design, it’s extremely user-friendly. The app needs to be launched at least once upon every boot to let it start monitoring app usage (there’s also an option to auto boot it when your device restarts in Frequency’s Settings screen, though this feature is only available in the Pro version). Once launched, it runs in the background, silently tracking the time you spend on, let’s say, Facebook, Twitter or IMDb.

The home screen of Frequency presents a list of apps, which you can easily sort in different time frames including All Time, Past 3 or 1 month, Past Week and Today. Besides viewing apps in a particular timeframe, you may also see all apps you have installed or used. To do that, tap ‘All Installed’ at top, and then from drop down menu, it will let you choose among Used Apps, All Installed and No Show-list.

Frequency App Usage Tracking_Used apps Frequency App Usage Tracking_Installed Frequency App Usage Tracking_App Info

The ‘No Show List’ basically lets you stop tracking usage of apps you don’t want. Each app should be manually added to the list. Existing items can also be later removed from No Show List screen anytime you wish. When you tap on an item, Frequency displays additional options, which include opening the app, adding to the No Show List, accessing App Info screen, and Uninstalling it from your device.

When it comes to Settings screen, well, there isn’t much to explore in this area. The Free version of Frequency only lets you toggle ‘App usage tracking’ option, enabling which lets it track apps in background. Frequency Pro, on the other hand, also lets you toggle ‘Run at Start’. By default, Frequency tracks the apps every 30 seconds, but Pro version also lets you lower or raise this limit via ‘Usage Accuracy’ option.

Frequency App Usage Tracking_No Show List Frequency App Usage Tracking_Settings Frequency App Usage Tracking_accuracy

Frequency: App Usage Tracking can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. You can use the link below to download it.

Install Frequency App Usage Tracking from Play Store

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