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How to move phone contacts to SIM card on Android

SIM cards are little cards that you insert in your phones so you can make phone calls, and connect to your carrier’s network. In 2019, they seem to provide the very essential function of connecting us to a network. They do that but these cards can also hold information e.g., messages that you’ve received, or a few contacts.

Before smartphones came along with their ability to store unlimited contacts, it mattered a great deal how many contacts you could save to a phone. Early feature phones were terribly limited in how many contacts they could save and users often had to offload some of the information to SIM cards. Those days are long gone and everyone saves contacts to their phones. If you’re looking to move phone contacts to a SIM card from an Android device, you’re going to need an app to do the job.

Move phone contacts to SIM card

To move phone contacts to a SIM card, you need to install a free app called Copy to SIM card which, per its name, tells you exactly what it does. Download the app from the Google Play Store.

The app will need to access contacts stored on your phone. Copy to SIM card has two tabs; one for SIM contacts, and one for phone contacts. You can go to the SIM contacts tab to see if you already have any contacts saved to your SIM. To move phone contacts to the SIM card, go to the Phone contacts tab, and select the ones you want to move. Tap the more options button at the top right, and select the ‘Copy selected to SIM’ option.

The contacts will be moved to your SIM card. Your phone will still be able to read them, and dial/call the number. Moving a contact may result in some information being lost e.g., an email address or notes associated with a contact. You have the option to move all phone contacts to the SIM card but remember that these cards have limited storage capacity. You can use this app to move SIM contacts to the phone but the stock Contacts app on Android can do that as well.

As for why you’d want to save contacts to the SIM card when your phone is perfectly capable of saving them has to do with accessibility and the fact that we don’t really remember phone numbers any more. If your phone happens to have turned off and you can’t power it on, you can use the SIM to retrieve an emergency contact’s number by inserting it in a different phone. The contact basically goes with the SIM meaning you can access it from any phone.

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