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Popular Physical Activity Tracking App ‘Moves’ Comes To Android

When I used Moves on my pal’s iPhone back when it first came out, the app totally blew me away. The activity tracking app sits in the background and learns your daily routine, such as where you go, how far did you walk, sprint or cycle and presents your movements as a simple timeline for later study and analysis, turning your smartphone into a pedometer using a combination of built-in sensors. ProtoGeo, the dev-team behind Moves, have now brought the acclaimed app to Android devices running 4.0 and above, and just like it’s iOS variant, Moves is completely free to use, sporting a flat UI, which looks absolutely gorgeous. Those who can’t help sitting on their couch all day and are looking to get back in shape are surely going to like it.

ProtoGeo claims that the iPhone version of Moves has been downloaded over 2.5 million times to date. The staggering success likely a product of Moves’ cleverly carved design. The Android version isn’t much different in this regard. It’s UI just has a much flatter look, but we’re guessing its iOS counterpart will soon be getting the same treatment to match the iOS 7 feel.

When launched, the app displays a welcome message about the information it will be tracking. After tapping the OK button, you can just slip your phone into your bag or pocket to get started.

Moves Intro Moves

The more you use the app, the more information it gathers about your movements and the places you have visited. The integrated Foursquare-powered map automatically pins locations you have moved to, and eventually, Moves has enough data to display steps you’ve taken, places you’ve traveled to and so on, all in a neat timeline on the main screen.

It even identifies the paths you have taken in your route and highlights them on the map. There’s nothing much to explore other than them home screen and the map area, nor are any cluttered menus and complicate settings to tinker around with as Moves does most of its work itself.

Moves Main Moves Places Movess

The team behind the app also cites that the Android version is optimized to consume the least amount of battery when it is running in background and tracking your movements, but results may vary from one device to another. The app automatically minimizes battery usage when it detects your device is stationary. You can toggle this behavior on and off from the Settings screen, which also provides toggles for metric units and daily notifications summary.

Moves Map Settings

You can download Moves for free from Google Play Store via the link provided below.

Install Moves from Play Store

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