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Movie App HD Is A Film Discovery & Info Aggregator App For Android

The likes of the official IMDB app and previously-reviewed Movie Twist boast enough options to help you discover interesting movies on your mobile device with ease. However, the hodgepodge of all the various movie filters, tags, genres, and other extensively deep search tools can prove to be quite intimidating, especially if you’re looking for just a simple movie exploration tool. Thanks to Movie App HD, Android users now have a fully Holo-themed movie discovery tool that can help them find and keep track of only the information that matters to them the most. The app fetches the movie information from the trusted services of IMDB, and helps you find the best movie titles in a number of ways. Besides presenting you with all the relevant details regarding your favorite movies, the app offers 1080p backdrops and trailers for almost all the titles listed in its rich repository.

Ranging from currently running hot titles to upcoming releases, Movie App HD packs ample information about any movie to have hit the box office to date. The app’s built-in search tool can be used to look for the required movies by titles, actors, and directors.


Movie App HD presents you with its various content exploration and information filters at the very first launch. From this screen, you can decide what information you wish to see along with each movie title. Here’s the complete list of filters you have at your disposal:

  • Show/movie runtime
  • Release date
  • MPAA rating
  • Movie plot
  • Current status in theaters
  • Box office info
  • Availability status on DVD
  • Top DVD rentals
  • Expected availability on DVD


Besides the aforementioned options, you can also play movie trailers in-app or using a third-party video player of your choice.

The app’s home screen lists the latest movie releases. Swiping sideways, you can check out movies listed under Box Office, Theaters, Top Rentals, Current Releases and Upcoming DVD tabs. The Search tab caters to your recent search results, whereas the search button at the top can be used to look for movies using keywords.


Based on your personal preferences, you’re presented with relevant information about each movie, along with other details such as genres, cast and other crew members. While checking out a movie’s details, you can swipe sideways to view full-screen backdrops of  the movie, and also get recommendations on other movies based on the same concept as the selected one. You can share your favorite movie titles with others using your preferred apps. That’s not all – the app also packs detailed information regarding artists’ biographies as well as the movies they’ve featured in.


Movie App HD is available in the Play Store as both an ad-supported free version and a $2.49 pro variant. The pro version gets rid of the ads and provides instant access to video trailers, unlike the free version that makes you wait for a couple of seconds before beginning the trailer playback.

Download Movie App HD For Android (Free)

Download Movie App HD PRO For Android (Paid)


  1. Downloaded this app yesterday. It is so far the best of its kind in my opinion. Nice graphics, fast and easy to use.

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