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MPme Radio Now On Android; Lets You Find Live Radio Stations By Genre, Artist & Song

Radio apps and services are beginning to look as common as file sharing services but with music, it’s always a question of taste and whether or not an app can give you what you like. For me, Pandora has no parallel as far as online radio stations are concerned and I’ve found great music there. Though that doesn’t mean there aren’t any other worthwhile options around. MPme Radio lets you listen to music from radio stations grouped by genres, and while initially launched as an iOS app, it has now made its way to Android as well. You can either search for the right station by picking your favorite genre, or browse the ‘On Air’ radio stations to find what you like. Artists and radio stations you ‘favorite’ can then be quickly accessed and played any time from the ‘Favorites’ tab. In case of your favorite artists, the app searches for stations that are playing songs by them and automatically redirects you to them. From our tests, it appears that some stations have ads while others don’t. Listeners can share songs and also buy the ones they like from Google Play Store for offline playback.

The app sports the latest version of Holo UI that’s developed according to Google’s guidelines, and looks impressive to say the least. When you first launch the app, you land on the ‘On Air’ tab by default, which lists all stations that are playing songs live at the moment. You can switch to specific stations by opening the navigation drawer and switching to the ‘Genres’ tab.

on air  notification drawer

Select one of the available genres and then scroll through the list of radio stations. You can tell which song is currently playing on that station just by looking at the list, since both song title and artist are listed below a station’s name. Tap a radio station to start listening to it.

genres  stations

Tracks are accompanied by album art. The share button allows you to share the song on different sites including Twitter and Facebook. Tap the star and you can add the song and station to your favorites. You can switch back to the stations’ list and the playback will continue, with small player controls appearing at the bottom, allowing you to see what’s playing and play/pause the station. If you tap another station, it will start playing instead.

play  favorite

If you tap the ‘Playlist’ tab on a radio station, you can see which tracks were played previously. The shopping cart button allows you to purchase any of the songs from Google Play Store. Tapping the album art will show you a brief biography of the artist.

playlists  buy

The Favorites tab is split into two sub-tabs of its own, one for stations and the other for artists. The app will pretty much always find a station playing your favorite artist, but it does seem that the variety in songs by any particular artist is rather limited. You can connect your Facebook account to MPme Radio (if you didn’t already do so when the app first launched) from its settings.

favorites  settings

The stations on MPme Radio appear to be a reasonable balance between trending music and classic tracks. Perhaps that’s why the app claims to be able to find the perfect station for everyone.

Download MPme Radio for Android

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  1. Works on my Optimus 4X but not on my Nexus 7 for some reason. They have almost identical hardware specs, so that seems odd.

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