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Muzei Is An Amazing Android Live Wallpaper That Switches Backgrounds From Configurable Sources

Android stands tall over its competition in a lot of areas, mainly when it comes to customization possibilities and changing the overall look and feel of the device. One such element is the choice of wallpapers. If we look at the primary competitors, iOS started offering wallpaper customization pretty late in the day, and even those are not much use except on the lock screen, since the home screen is usually riddled with app icons that hide whatever you’ve set as the background. Likewise, Windows Phone wallpapers are visible only on the lock screen. With the variety of launcher and home screen choices that you get with Android, that’s the platform where having a different background truly shines.

Live wallpapers, despite being battery hogs, are one of the prime preferences for a lot of users. A while back, we saw 500 Firepaper see the light of day – an excellent live wallpaper that cycled through choice images from the 500px library. Taking the same concept many notches further comes Muzei – a live wallpaper that can automatically cycle through wallpapers from a variety of other sources, thanks to the number of extensions that are already available for the app. Let’s take a closer look at what it has to offer.

Muzei Android (1) Muzei Android (2)

Coming from the famed developer of DashClock, Muzei speaks quality and finesse from the first launch. The concept behind the app is that it works with different “sources”, and by default, it picks from a library of popular works of art, alongside providing you the ability to include your local photo library as well.

Since Muzei is open source, Goolge Play Store is riddled with extensions that expand on the source collection and allow you to include the likes of 500px, Reddit, Flickr, Facebook, and a variety of others.

Muzei Android (3)

What sets Muzei truly apart is the way the developer has left things open ended for the development of extensions. Most of the customizations are dependent on the sources that you add. The app allows you to get notified when a new wallpaper gets applied, and configure the change interval. Also, remember how some wallpapers are so color/texture-rich that they tend to cloud the icons on the home screen? Muzei addresses that by dimming the wallpaper by default, which can be then brought to focus simply by double-tapping the home screen. A simple and elegant solution, if you ask me.

Overall, Muzei is one of the finest wallpaper apps I’ve ever used, including the famous 500 Firepaper. The app is well thought out, elegantly built and does everything that it promises, and some more. A must have if you’re a fan of Android customization. This free app requires Android 4.2 or above to work.

Install Muzei from Play Store

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