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My Mixtapez Reimagines Music Playlists On Android

Mixtapes were the predecessors of today’s playlists back when audio cassettes were still relevant and you could use a pencil for something other than writing. Mixtapes died with the cassette tape itself, and we’ve taken to listening to or watching playlists online, on services like Spotify, YouTube and more. My Mixtapez is an Android app that lets you browse for these modern mixtapes i.e. playlists. You can listen to them online, or download them to your device for offline playback. The app also lets you watch trending videos. However, it does not have a built-in video player, and you get to watch them in your browser.

You don’t need to sign up for an account to use My Mixtapez, though you can connect your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts to share what you’re listening to.

There are two ways to look for a mixtape; you can scroll through the listings on the home page, or open the navigation drawer, type in a song, album, or artist’s name, and search for a mixtape featuring music related to your search. At present, there’s no filter available for searching tapes by genre.

My Mixtapez My Mixtapez search2

Once you find a tape that you like, tap it and you’ll be shown a list of all tracks on the mixtape. You can start listening to any one of the tracks by simply tapping it.

tape tape preview

To download a tape, tap the download button and select the tracks you want to download from the on-screen list. Videos cannot be downloaded since the app doesn’t play them itself. To view a list of trending videos, tap the ‘reel tab on the app’s home screen. Similarly, tap the reload tab on the app’s home screen, and you’ll be able to browse the list of newly added tapes. To view your recently downloaded songs, go to the Downloads tab from the app’s home screen.

download new

My Mixtapez is playlists reimagined for your mobile device. The lack of an option to find mixtapes based on genre is the only shortcoming that we came across. The search feature could do with some more improvement too; it’s slow at times, and takes an unusually long time to load. Lastly, while My Mixtapez offers a reasonable selection of tapes to choose from, it could do with more diverse content and songs, though it’s a new service and with the passage of time, it’s likely going to improve, especially when it comes to the content available on it.

Install My Mixtapez from Play Store


  1. Check out the new version. It has a lot of improvements and we have a new one coming out the oven in a few months

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