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MyScript Calculator Is A Handwriting-Based Number Cruncher For Android

Android’s stock calculator app is handy enough to let users easily perform standard mathematical and scientific calculations. That being said, we’ve been frequently bringing you several useful and feature-rich alternatives in the form of CALCNEXT, AirCalc, Statistic Calculator and Handymate etc. Where almost all aforementioned options present you with a button-laden, tap-to-input calculator interface, MyScript Calculator takes an entirely different route to offer you a canvas on which you can draw/write mathematical expressions to get all the required answers. Supporting several basic mathematical operations and functions, the app has the capacity to automatically interpret input (user-drawn) data, complete with both the operator and the operands detection, and perform requested operation on any amount of operands that you provide via drawing. Interesting, isn’t it? What’s even more fascinating about MyScript Calculator is that, unless you wipe the canvas clear, the app lets you continue with further operations, thereby amending the results accordingly. It accepts input via finger as well as stylus, and supports palm rejection, with additional support for left-handed users.

MyScript-Calculator-Android-Test1 MyScript-Calculator-Android-Test2

While the app works almost flawlessly on an Android smartphone, it’s true capabilities can be experienced on larger screen real estate sported by tablets. Perhaps that’s the reason why the app has been designed to run in landscape orientation only. MyScript Calculator currently supports only the following functions:

  • Addition
  • Subtraction
  • Multiplication
  • Division
  • Square Root
  • Pi
  • Parentheses
  • Exponentiation
  • Automatic variable and decimal detection

MyScript-Calculator-Android-Test5 MyScript-Calculator-Android-Test6

Using the app is as simple as doodling on a drawing board, with the only difference being that this particular canvas allows users input mathematical expressions and obtain results of their calculations. You may input the entire equation either at once or in parts. In the latter’s case, you can wait for the app to display calculated results, and then carry on with further operations. As mentioned earlier, unless you wipe the slate afresh, the app will keep appending any newly added operands and/or operators to allow you to carry on with the ongoing calculation streak. Either way, the app analyzes input items/drawings, digitizes them, performs the requested operation(s), and finally, presents you with the required calculations, complete with the expression itself.

MyScript-Calculator-Android-Test4 MyScript-Calculator-Android-Test8

What if you happen to input a wrong value, or if the app itself recognizes the input values inaccurately? Fret not, as you can wipe only the erroneous part off by just scribbling on it – it’s that simple! If only the app allowed logging history of previous calculations, it would have made life all the more easier. Still, it’s a refreshing experience, to say the least, to have a tool like MyScript Calculator at your disposal for all the basic calculations, especially in cases where a conventional touch-based calculator just doesn’t suffice; as in equations that involve multiple parentheses, exponential values and relatively long expressions.

MyScript-Calculator-Android-Test7 MyScript-Calculator-Android-Test3

Of course, we could go on bragging about the usability and intuitiveness of the app, but nothing can explain the working of MyScript Calculator better than the brief demo video provided below.

Download MyScript Calculator For Android

Update: Good news iOS users! MyScript Calculator is now available in the iTunes App Store. Grab the app by hitting the link below.

Download MyScript Calculator For iOS

Update 2: The Android variant of MyScript Calculator has been updated in the Play Store with portrait support, option to undo and redo steps, support for multiple users on Android 4.2 Jelly Bean devices, and most important of all, the option to perform various additional operations, including trigonometry, reverse trigonometry, logarithms, constants, exponentials, &  %, x! and |x| symbols.

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