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Narrate: Material Design App That You Can Dictate Notes To [Android]

When Google didn’t immediately release Material Design versions of Chrome, YouTube, Keep, Gmail, and just about every other app it has, after announcing Android L and Material Design, I was disappointed. Fortunately, the developer community is adopting Material design enthusiastically and some great apps are being developed, Narrate being one of the latest ones. It’s a note taking app that you can dictate your notes to and it comes with a calendar. The app syncs notes to Dropbox and Day One, the iOS app if you have the pro version. You can dictate a new note or you can type it in. Dates are added automatically and tags can later be added. Location tag and places are under development.

The app’s home screen has a floating button to add your first note from. Each note has title followed by the note body itself. To dictate a note, tap the mic button on the keyboard and start talking. You can pause between taking a note. A date and time stamp is automatically added to the note but you can edit them later by tapping on the respective fields. Notes are sorted by their date and you can ‘favorite’ a note either from the edit screen or when you have the note open for reading.

Narrate notes Narrate note

Narrate has a built in calendar that lets you add notes to any day by tapping it or by tapping on the plus button. The calendar view is also a great way to browse notes by month. Under each month view, all notes created for or on a date of that month are listed.

Narrate nav Narrate cal

As far as note taking goes, there are no complaints. It’s easy to take notes though the app is hardly something you could use to keep a proper journal on your phone. What’s off putting is that in order to get the sync feature, the app asks you to buy the pro version. Considering that most free note taking apps support sync with Google drive as a bare minimum, this one is asking for a lot. We’re not saying we’re against paid apps but we’ve seen better value had for money spent on an app.

Install Narrate From The Google Play Store

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  1. Another popular messaging app “Textra” has recently transitioned to Material Design and this is even before Google’s own Hangouts.

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