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New GO TaskManager EX Add-On Lets You Erase Android App History Items

If you’ve been using Android, you must have come across the name GO Launcher EX at some point. After initially gaining popularity from their launcher, the GO Dev Team has many remarkable apps on Play Store by now, including GO SMS Pro, GO Weather and GO Locker etc., all of which have earned almost universal acclaim from users and critics alike. The latest release by the team is Erase History.GO – an add-on for their highly popular GO TaskManager EX, which itself is a standalone and powerful task manager replacement app for Android. Erase History.GO basically allows you to remove various history-related data from your device from one interface, which otherwise needs to be done in separate apps individually. This data includes history for your default web browser, Google Play search, Gmail search, Google Map search, clipboard, messages and call logs.

Since Erase History.GO requires GO TaskManager EX in order to work, you will first need to install the latter from Google Play Store. Once ready, the app can be launched either directly from the App Drawer or from within GO TaskManager EX. The app has been built with both novices and expert users in mind; it doesn’t make you go through any complicated steps, while still offering you control over the data that you’re deleting.

Go TaskManager Exe Erase History

The home screen of the app looks quite simple, and carries check boxes for the history items that you want to remove. The app lets you erase multiple types of history items in one go; all you have to do is mark the required parameters from the list and tap Clear – simple as that. The app doesn’t take much time to get rid of unwanted data. The clipboard feature is pretty handy because Android doesn’t offer you a way to empty your clipboard memory by default.

A rather interesting bit I found while using Erase History was that if you tap Messages from the list, the app lets you mark only those SMS threads that you wish to remove. The procedure to select the required messages involves marking them using their check boxes, and then hitting Clear from the app’s home screen. You can remove your desired call log items in a similar way as well.

To sum it up, Erase History.GO is a great app for the purpose it serves, and should definitely prove to be useful for those who often need to clear their history from these apps. The app is available for free at Google Play Store and you can download it to your Android device via the link provided below.

Install Erase History.GO from Play Store

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