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Hands-On With The New, Gorgeous Yahoo! Weather App For Android

Ever since Marissa Mayer took over as its President, Yahoo! has been making strides in terms of apps released for both iOS and Android such as Yahoo! Sports, Mail, News and Weather. What’s better than releasing quality apps? Keeping on updating them with new features and improvements, of course, and that’s what the team behind Yahoo! Weather has just done for the app on Google’s smartphone OS. Yahoo! Weather for Android features stunning user-uploaded pictures for locations, complete with themes based on the time of the day, sign-in support for syncing your locations across devices, widgets and more.

Upon launch, you’ll be shown a brief intro to some of the app’s features. Just dismiss the window to head to the home screen, where you’ll be shown the current weather conditions based on your location.

Yahoo__Weather_01 Yahoo__Weather_02

Over here, you can tap the + button on the top-right to start adding a new city. You can then switch between any of the locations that you’ve added by swiping sideways on the app’s home screen. The menu button at the top-left to access the navigation drawer, which also lets you navigate between the different locations, edit or remove them, sign in to your Yahoo! account, access other apps by Yahoo!, and access Yahoo! Weather’s settings.

Yahoo__Weather_03 Yahoo__Weather_04

Scrolling down on the weather page for any city will reveal detailed weather information including forecast for the next five or ten days, details on current conditions such as the ‘feels like’ temperature, humidity, visibility and UV index, along with even more information such as low and high temperatures, wind speed, chance of rain and more in a text description, and a map view of the currently selected location.

Yahoo__Weather_05 Yahoo__Weather_06

Scrolling further down will show even more information about the location including details on the wind speed and direction, the air pressure, precipitation across different times of the day, and a visual representation of sunrise and sunset times as well as the moon’s current phase.

Yahoo__Weather_07 Yahoo__Weather_08

In the settings of the app, you can switch the weather units between Celsius sensible and Fahrenheit, toggle an ongoing weather notification for getting weather information at a quick glance from your notification shade (shown in the upper part of the second screenshot below), enable or disable severe weather alerts selectively for all your added locations, choose to retrieve photos only on Wi-Fi in order to save on your mobile data bill, and clear the photo cache.

The app also features home screen widgets in several sizes for different types of weather information, some of which also include a clock. The background of the widgets is also dynamic and changes based on the location and weather conditions.

Yahoo__Weather_09 Yahoo__Weather_10

In a nutshell, Yahoo! Weather is quite a beautifully crafted app and offers plenty of information that should be enough for the requirements of most users. You can grab the app from Google Play for free via the link provided below.

Install Yahoo! Weather from Play Store


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