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Nice Weather Is A Minimal, Gorgeous Weather App For Android

On any modern mobile platform, if there’s one genre of apps that’s loaded with options, it’s weather apps. Keeping an eye on weather forecasts for your region has many practical benefits, especially from a mobile device! Nice Weather is one of the newer weather apps in Google Play Store and as the name of the app itself, the app sports one of the most simplistic and intuitive interface I have come across in quite some time. The basis of it’s appeal its accuracy and the use of a simple slider to scroll through the 12 hours of a day, watching the temperature, precipitation and wind speed values change as you do so. All the while, the app cycles through five pastel colors depending on the time of the day and the weather at that time. We take a closer look at the app and its minimalist interface, right after the jump!

Upon launch, the app will ask you to enable automatic detection of your location from its settings, or specify it manually from a map. To manually add the location, simply type in your city in the map view, select it from the options shown, and hit the ‘Add’ button.

Nice Weather 03 Nice Weather 04

Needless to say, the time is automatically updated, but it’s done in intervals of three hours. Nice Weather also stores the forecasts for offline access on your device, so you’re kept updated even when you’re out and about in a region without data coverage. The app features two graphs: one for temperature and the other for precipitation. Swiping across the screen will allow you to move between the days; however, to check the forecast for the next few hours on that particular day, slide your finger across the temperature graph to grab the slider and move it around. As you do so, you’ll see the screen changing its color as well.

Nice Weather 05 Nice Weather 08 Nice Weather 09

In case you’re hitting the menu button on your phone repeatedly and wondering why – like me – are you not seeing any options, that’s because there is no menu. The only available settings so far are for unit selection. To change the unit for any of the three forecast elements, tap the appropriate wind speed, temperature or precipitation indicator, and select the unit of your choice.

Nice Weather 11 Nice Weather 01 Nice Weather 02

So far, nice weather does not have any widget support, but the developers plan on adding that in a future Pro version, which will be a paid variant of the app. Support for multiple locations and further customizations are also planned for the Pro release.

Install Nice Weather from Play Store

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